charles franklin kettering

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born Aug. 29, 1876, Loudonville, Ohio, U.S. died Nov. 25, 1958, Dayton, Ohio U.S. engineer. In 1904 he developed the first electric cash register. With Edward Deeds he founded Delco . 1910; in 1916 Delco became a subsidiary of General Motors Corp., and Kettering served as vice president and director of research for GM (1920-47). Many of his inventions were instrumental in the evolution of the modern automobile, including the first electric starter (1912), antiknock fuels, leaded gasoline, quick-drying lacquer finishes (with Thomas Midgley, Jr.), the high-speed, two-cycle diesel engine, and a revolutionary high-compression engine (1951). He later cofounded the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York City
charles franklin kettering


    Charles Frank·lin Ket·ter·ing

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    çärlz frängklîn ketırîng


    /ˈʧärlz ˈfraɴɢklən ˈketərəɴɢ/ /ˈʧɑːrlz ˈfræŋklɪn ˈkɛtɜrɪŋ/

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