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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) İKK kuvvet koruma kaynağı (CI force protection source)
İngilizce - İngilizce
Chronic fatigue syndrome
CFS is an abbreviation for chronic fatigue syndrome. = ME. chronic fatigue syndrome. cubic feet per second
A carrier facility where less-than-containerload shipments are consolidated for shipment or unloaded for final delivery
The term CFS at loading port means the location designated by carriers for the receiving of cargo to be packed into containers by the carrier At discharge ports, the term CFS means the bonded location designated by carriers in the port area for unpacking and delivery of cargo
Center for Standards
cubic foot (feet) per second
A measurement of water flow equivalent to one cubic foot of water passing a given point for an entire second One KCFS equals a 1,000 CFS
Cubic feet per second Sometimes referred to as second feet A unit of water flow used to indicate the volume of water flowing per second past any given point along a river
cubic feet per second; 450 gallons per minute (gmp); 646,360 gallons per day; for 24 hours: 1 983 acre-feet; for 30 days: 59 5 acre-feet; for 1 year: 724 acre-feet
Chief of Fleet Support (Navy) or Central Flying School
cluster file system A virtual file system that sits above the physical file systems and provides clusterwide access (with assistance from the device request dispatcher) to all mounted file systems in a cluster CFS maintains cache coherency across all cluster members, which ensures that all members have an identical, consistent view of file systems directly connected to the cluster
The flow rate or discharge equal to one cubic foot (of water, usually) per second This rate is equivalent to approximately 7 48 gallons per second This is also referred to as a second-foot
Comprehensive Family Services
abbreviation, see chronic fatigue syndrome
Abbreviation for "cubic feet per second" which is used as a measure for river flow rates
RACE Common Functional Specification
A place at which LCL traffic is received from the Merchant by or on behalf of the Carrier for packing into a Container and/or at which LCL traffic is delivered by or on behalf of the Carrier to the Merchant after unpacking from a Container
Abbrev , "Canopy Formation Skydiving" The new "official" term for a discipline of skydiving in which jumpers under canopy fly their parachutes together to form various formations However, most skydivers still refer to it as "CRW" (See CRW )
Call for Support
Container Freight Station Location designated by the ocean carrier for the receiving and delivering of shipment, and for assembly and distribution of shipments into or out of steamship line containers Most LCL lots of cargo are either packed into or devanned at the CFS The carrier may store empty containers at a CFS but will not receive or deliver containers at a CFS
Abbreviation of cubic feet per second
Cubic feet per second