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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} çizgi film

Tom bir çizgi film karakteri olarak çalıştı. - Tom worked as a cartoonist.

Tom akşam yemeğinden sonra çocukları ile birlikte bir çizgi film izledi. - Tom watched a cartoon with his children after dinner.

{i} karikatür

Bu karikatürü onun ablasından ödünç aldım. - I borrowed this cartoon from his older sister.

O animasyonlu karikatürden ilham almış olacak. - It will have taken inspiration from that animated cartoon.

Miki Maus
karikatür, karikatür sitesinden çok sayıda sanatsal karikatürü ücretsiz indirebilir, kullanabilirsiniz
seri halinde yayınlanan karikatür
karikatür/çizgi film
(Sinema) miki filmi
cartoonist seri halinde karikatür çizen kimse
hayvanların canlandırıldığı karton filim
{i} dizi hâlinde yayınlanan karikatür
{i} resim taslağı
{i} büyük resim taslağı
cartoon film
çizgi film
cartoon film
miki filmi
cartoon movie
çizgi film
cartoon character
Çizgi film kahramanı
cartoon character
film karekteri örneğin;bugs bunny,twetty,süperman,tazmanya canavarı,batman,miusa,layla,flora,stella,tecna,bloom
cartoon character
(Film) Çizgi film karekteri
cartoon character
çizgi film karakteri
cartoon network
çizgi film dünyası
cartoon strip
karikatür şerit
cartoon strip story
çizgi roman
(Bilgisayar) resimli kartlar
strip cartoon
çizgi roman
animated cartoon
çizgi film

O hareketli çizgi filmden ilham almış olacak. - He will have gotten the inspiration from that animated cartoon.

animated cartoon clothes
çizgi film giysileri
strip cartoon
karikatür serisi
animate a cartoon
çizgi karekteri hareketlendirmek
animate a cartoon
çizgi film yapmak
animated cartoon
animasyon filmi

1906'da bir gün gazeteci Tad Dorgan adlı bir karikatürist bir beyzbol maçına çıktı. - One day in 1906, a newspaper cartoonist named Tad Dorgan went to a baseball game.

çizgi film çizeri
{i} çizgi film çizen sanatçı
İngilizce - İngilizce
An artist's preliminary sketch
To draw a cartoon
A diagram in a scientific concept
A humorous drawing, often with a caption, or a strip of such drawings
A drawing satirising current public figures
An animated piece of film which is often but not exclusively humourous
{n} a painting on large paper
A cartoon is a humorous drawing or series of drawings in a newspaper or magazine. one of Britain's best-loved cartoon characters, Rupert the Bear. see also strip cartoon
draw cartoons of
or Comic Strip: A drawing, as in a newspaper, caricaturing or symbolizing, often satirically, some event, situation, or person of interest Or a humorous drawing, often with a caption
a pictorial caricature; as, the cartoons of "Puck
Working pattern for stained glass project
A large pictorial sketch, as in a journal or magazine; esp
(1) A full-scale preparatory drawing for a picture, generally a large one such as a wall painting (2) A humorous drawing
a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine draw cartoons of
a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence
Finished artwork of an embroidery design to be digitized Usually six times larger than finished design size, based on the art-to-stitching ratio historically used in the schiffli industry
A colored drawing on graph paper that a weaver follows to craft a rug design
A cartoon is a film in which all the characters and scenes are drawn rather than being real people or objects. the Saturday morning cartoons. Originally, a full-size drawing used for transferring a design to a painting, tapestry, or other large work. Cartoons were used from the 15th century by fresco painters and stained-glass artists. In the 19th century the term acquired its popular meaning of a humorous drawing or parody. Cartoons in that sense are used today to convey political commentary, editorial opinion, and social comedy in newspapers and magazines. The greatest early figure is William Hogarth, in 18th-century Britain. In 19th-century France, Honoré Daumier introduced accompanying text that conveyed his characters' unspoken thoughts. Britain's Punch became the foremost 19th-century venue for cartoons; in the 20th century The New Yorker set the American standard. A Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning was established in 1922. See also caricature; comic strip
Preparatory drawing of a work to be executed as a fresco, tapestry, stained glass or mosaic Cartoons varied in size to the actual size and were generally made in charcoal for chalk on thick paper
— Finished artwork of an embroidery design to be digitized Usually six times larger than finished design size, based on the art-to-stitching ratio historically used in the schiffli industry
Map of design and colors drawn on paper used as a guide to weave a rug
The design for a carpet or tapestry, often copied on to graph paper to make it easier to follow Usually each cell on the paper represents one knot
Full-sized rendering in pencil or ink of the outline of a design for a stained glass window or sand-carved decoration
An artists preliminary sketch
{i} caricature; animated drawing
A design or study drawn of the full size, to serve as a model for transferring or copying; used in the making of mosaics, tapestries, fresco pantings and the like; as, the cartoons of Raphael
A full-scale preparatory drawing for a painting, tapestry, or fresco In fresco painting, the design was transferred to the wall by making small holes along the contour lines and then powdering them with charcoal in order to leave an outline on the surface to be painted
Today, the word usually refers to a humorous line drawing Originally, a full-size preparatory drawing for a large wall or ceiling painting, from the Italian cartone, meaning a large piece of paper
A drawing for a window or panel Full-sized cartoons are used as patterns to cut the individuals pieces of the window A full-sized cartoon is also often used as a pattern to build the window upon Scaled cartoons are used as guides for building and installing windows/doors
In painting, a full-size preliminary drawing from which a painting is made Before the modern era, cartoons were customarily worked out in complete detail; the design was then transferred to the working surface by coating the back with chalk and going over the lines with a stylus, or by pricking the lines and ‘pouncing’ charcoal dust through the resulting holes
a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine
" a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine draw cartoons of
Working Drawing - full-sized preparatory drawing or painting which is transfered to the work surface to guide the painting
drawing, often humorous, as in: Dilbert is a popular cartoon character
an often humorous or satirical drawing to evoke emotions, usually with a caption A cartoon is typically a simple-lined drawing and tells a story or continues a story; it can consist of one or more pictures or frames
1 A humorous or satirical drawing 2 A drawing completed as a full-scale working drawing, usually for a fresco painting, mural, or tapestry
A sketch or drawing, usually humorous, symbolizing, satirizing, or caricaturing some action, subject, or person Or, a full-scale design for a picture, ornamental motif or pattern, or the like, to be transferred to a fresco, tapestry, etc
{f} draw a caricature, draw a picture story; create an animated film
An animated cartoon
A grid on paper with spaces colored to guide rug weavers in selecting pile yarns to execute a rug design
A cartoon is a drawing made specifically as a pattern for a painting It is made to the same scale as the painting and is used to duplicate its own design onto the support in outline form First the main outlines of the drawing are transferred onto a sheet of paper placed beneath it, by pricking out systematically on the cartoon, such that the main outline of the drawing is rendered on the sheet below as a series of holes These holes are used to transfer the drawing onto the support by holding this sheet flat against the support and using it as a stencil When the cartoon is removed from the support, it will leave behind a duplicate of the original as a series of dots, which can be joined up to make a complete drawing, with the original as a reference for missing details Cartoon transfer works best with a linear drawing or any composition that has crisp outlines
a full-scale drawing for an artwork, intended to be transferred to a wall, panel, tapestry, etc
Cartoon Network
A digital cable TV channel that broadcasts cartoons
cartoon character
A fictional character in a cartoon
cartoon characters
plural form of cartoon character
cartoon physics
The physics as present in cartoons, especially when not conforming to physics in reality
cartoon network
(Televizyon) Cartoon Network is a cable television network created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming
cartoon series
series of animated drawings, animated program which is shown in sequels
cartoon strip
A cartoon strip is a series of drawings that tells a story. = strip cartoon. a cartoon
animated cartoon
Any of several types of film / movie, the frames of which are drawn by hand in order to give a sense of movement when projected in rapid sequence
Person who both writes and illustrates comic books or graphic novels
strip cartoon
A series of illustrations depicting a humorous narrative
animated cartoon
A motion picture or television film consisting of a photographed series of drawings, objects, or computer graphics that simulates motion by recording very slight, continuous changes in the images, frame by frame
animated cartoon
animated movie; film whose frames are made of cartoons
past of cartoon
present participle of cartoon
One skilled in drawing cartoons
Person who creates a cartoon or strip cartoons
a person who draws cartoons
{i} illustrator of cartoons, cartoon artist; satirist
A cartoonist is a person whose job is to draw cartoons for newspapers and magazines. someone who draws cartoons
Designs drawn on cartone (pasteboard), like those of Raffaelle, formerly at Hampton Court, but now at Kensington Museum They were bought by Charles I , and are seven in number: “The Miraculous Draught of Fishes,” “Feed my Lambs,” “The Beautiful Gate of the Temple,” “Death of Ananias,” “Elymas the Sorcerer,” “Paul at Lystra,” and “Paul on the Mars Hill ” “They were designs for tapestries to be worked in Flanders ”- Julia B De Forest: Short History of Art, p 246
Reading or creating cartoons
third-person singular of cartoon
plural of cartoon
strip cartoon
A strip cartoon is the same as a comic strip. a series of drawings inside a row of small boxes that tells a short story = comic strip cartoon
Türkçe - İngilizce
çizgi film