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A summary of how a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur intends to organize an entrepreneurial endeavor and implement activities necessary and sufficient for the venture to succeed
business strategy (used in business operations of a company for raising money, etc.)
a document prepared for a program or an organization that describes its objectives, identifies the activities required to meet these objectives, and allocates resources accordingly, and that provides the means to assess progress towards the achievement of the objectives
A document that describes an organization's current status and plans for several years into the future It generally projects future opportunities for the organization and maps the financial, operations, marketing and organizational strategies that will enable the organization to achieve its goals
(also known as "Strategic/Performance Plan")  A document that describes a strategy and approach for an organization's future A business plan includes the history of an organization and plans for future years To comply with the Government Performance and Results Act, FSA will regularly complete a Five Year Performance Plan, which reviews what we've achieved and sets a course for a five year time period FSA must also submit an Annual Performance Plan to establish performance goals, describe steps taken to meet goals, establish ways to measure performance and provide a method to compare results with goals
is a written plan used to chart a new or ongoing business' strategies, sales projections, and key personnel in order to obtain financing and / or to provide a strategic foundation under which a business can grow
(Ticaret) A long term, family-level financial and operating plan that supports the strategic plan in fulfilling organizational objectives. It provides the high-level detail for the strategic considerations of market, product, facility and resource positioning. An intermediate planning level between the strategic plan and the sales and operations plan (S&OP)
A strategic plan prepared by company management that states the company's objectives as well as the specific steps taken to achieve those goals
The written document that details a proposed or existing venture It seeks to capture the vision, current status, expected needs, defined markets, and projected results of the business A business plan "tells the entrepreneur's story" by describing the purpose, basis, reason and future of the venture
A written document that describes a business, its objectives, strategies, market ,and financial forecast
A business plan is a detailed plan for setting up or developing a business, especially one that is written in order to borrow money. She learned how to write a business plan for the catering business she wanted to launch. a document which explains what a company wants to do in the future, and how it plans to do it
A written system of documents which puts your business and its market environment in context over the course of the next several years It describes 1) what you are going to do, 2) how you are going to do it, and 3) what the consequences are
A plan identifying markets, customers, expenditures and finances required to carry out the identified business, based on projected revenues and costs over a specific period of time
A written review of the business to identify strengths and weaknesses, locate needs, and begin planning how to best accomplish the business' objectives
a well researched and ever changing document that provides direction and focus for both the day-to-day operations and the future growth of the business A good business plan will include components covering management, the product and/or service, a marketing plan, financials, operations and control systems, and a growth plan and exit strategy
It is a statement of goals, and how to achieve those goals, and rewards the business will reap when those goals are met
a detailed document that describes your business idea, establishes its objectives and details the strategies, methods and processes that must be followed to achieve your objectives and goals
A blueprint and communication tool for your business A device to help you, the owner, set out how you intend to operate your business A road map to tell others how you expect to get there
A long term, family-level financial and operating plan that supports the strategic plan in fulfilling organizational objectives It provides the high-level detail for the strategic considerations of market, product, facility and resource positioning An intermediate planning level between the strategic plan and the sales and operations plan (S&OP)
A comprehensive planning document which clearly describes the business developmental objective of an existing or proposed business applying for assistance in SBA's 8(a) or lending Programs The plan outlines what and how and from where the resources neede
(p 181) A detailed written statement that describes the nature of the business, the target market, the advantages the _business will have in relation to competition, and the resources and qualifications of the owner(s)
A written document that gives an overview of your company, its future and its financials It explains what your business is now, what you plan to make itinto in the future, how you're going to do it, how much it will cost and how much you'll make A business plan includes a description of your company, your products and services, your target market, your sales and marketing strategy, your financial documents, and your management team
A document which explains the purpose and activities of an existing or proposed business Business plans typically have sections dealing with key business activities such as product development, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and finance Financial projections may be included in the business plan or referenced in the plan if they are a separate document Business plans usually contain a concise "Executive Summary", an essential element if they are being sent to outside financial organizations and potential investors
A document that describes the entrepreneur's idea, the market problem, proposed solution, business and revenue models, marketing strategy, technology, company profile, competitive landscape, as well as financial data for coming years The business plan opens with a brief executive summary, most probably the most important element of the document due to the time constraints of venture capital funds and angels
A statement of income projections, costs and profits usually accompanied by the budgets and a projected balance sheet as well as a cash flow (source and application of funds) statement It is usually stated in terms of dollars only The business plan and the production plan, although frequently stated in different terms, should be in agreement with each other (cf manufacturing resource planning) Components: Profit Objectives, Production Strategy, Inventory Level, Employment Level, Budgets) [APIC]
A report detailing and quantifying a company's projects and objectives and how it plans to achieve them
A map to ensure you don’t lose your way when developing your business
Document prepared by management that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of a business and the detailed plans and budgets showing how the objectives are to be realized It is different from an investment proposal in that the business plan is considered an internal document
A preliminary analysis that examines a mission requirement and compares alternative ways of satisfying the requirement The business plan compares the costs and benefits that accompany each alternative to show which alternatives are preferable For AIS, MDAP, and DISA designated acquisition program (DDAP) systems, the business plan establishes the need for additional investigation and becomes the foundation of the subsequent, indepth economic analysis (EA)
business plans
plural form of business plan
business plan


    busi·ness plan

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    bîznıs plän


    /ˈbəznəs ˈplan/ /ˈbɪznəs ˈplæn/


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