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İngilizce - İngilizce
Alternative spelling of bump and grind
A sexually suggestive dance involving exaggerated hip movements, especially a striptease dance

One of the oddest spectacles in America, in fact, has to be a Tom Jones audience, in which a couple of dozen women, usually attractive and well dressed, throw their panties onto the stage and compete for what appears to be a deep kiss from the male master of the bump and grind.

A combination of movements resembling such a dance, as in road racing, whitewater kayaking, or exercising; any activity involving prolonged jarring or shaking

The typical bump and grind of short-track racing at Bristol Motor Speedway met with the panicked push of the final races of the Nascar Nextel Cup.

To perform such a dance or such movements

A dozen exercisers show up twice a week to bump and grind, do some belly rolls and loosen the hip joints..