bulk density

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İngilizce - İngilizce
The mass of a particulate material (including voids) in a unit volume
The total air dry soil mass divided by the total soil volume, (g/cc) Estimated as the 1-SAT (%v air space) times particle density of 2 65 times fraction soil matrix plus 2 65 times gravel fraction
Weight per unit of volume, usually specified in pounds per cubic foot
The weight per unit volume of a material including voids inherent in the material as tested Colorants may vary widely in their specific gravity and this figure could be even greater with filled materials This has a direct impact on the bulk density of materials being delivered by volumetric feeders and is but one reason these units need constant calibration and monitoring
weight per unit volume For fuels, this is usually expressed as pounds per cubic foot; for soils, grams per cubic centimeter
It is the value of the density of rock as it occurs in nature In well logging, it is the density of the rock with the pore volume filled with fiuid Natural density The equation commonly used to compute porosity from well log derived bulk density is: where f is pore volume filled with a fluid of density rf, rb is the well-log-derived bulk density, and rma is the density of the rock framework See density log and Z/A effect
the mass of a unit volume of soil, generally expressed in gm/cm3 The volume includes both solids and pores Thus soils that are light and porous will have low bulk densities, while heavy or compact soils will have high bulk densities
The density of a powder under non-specified conditions, for example in a shipping container
The mass of soil per unit of volume
The mass per unit of volume in powder form, including the air trapped between particles
The mass of dry soil per unit bulk volume (solids plus pores) expressed in g/cm3
Mass of powdered or granulated solid material per unit of volume
The mass (weight) per unit volume of a solid particulate material as it is normally packed, with voids between particulates containing air Usually expressed as lb/ft3 or g/cm3
The density of a modking material in loose form expressed as a ratio of weight to volume
The weight of a material per unit of volume compared to the weight of the same volume of water
The mass or weight of oven-dry soil per unit of bulk volume, including air space Typically grams per cubic centimeter, water having the weight of one gram per cc Compaction from logging equipment, recreationists' use, grazing animals, etc increases bulk density
The mass of dry soil per unit volume, corrected for weight and volume of coarse fragments greater than 2mm in diameter
bulk density


    bulk den·si·ty

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    bʌlk densıti


    /ˈbəlk ˈdensətē/ /ˈbʌlk ˈdɛnsətiː/


    [ 'b&lk also 'bulk ] (noun.) 15th century. Middle English, heap, bulk, from Old Norse bulki cargo.

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