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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Gıda) bulyon
(Tıp) buyon
et suyu
(Tıp) Et suyu (Bakteri üretmede kullanılan bir besi ortamı)
bouillon cube
et suyu tableti
beef bouillon
(Gıda) sığır et suyu
İngilizce - İngilizce
A clear seasoned broth made by simmering usually light meat, such as beef or chicken
It is the French word for broth It is a clear soup made from cooking meat, vegetables, poultry, or fish in water The liquid that is strained after cooking is the bouillon, which can form the base for soups and sauces
A flavor-concentrated powder of dehydrated beef, chicken or vegetable stock Dehydrated bouillon must be dissolved in a hot liquid before using
A base for soup and sauces made by cooking vegetables, poultry, meat, or fish in water, then straining Also known as broth or stock Recipe: Roasted Turkey Carcass Broth
a clear seasoned broth
is a clear stock made of poultry, beef or veal, vegetables, and seasonings, stronger than broth but not as strong as consomme
A clear soup made from a brown beef stock, delicately seasoned (Clam bouillon is an exception )
A nutritious liquid food made by boiling beef, or other meat, in water; a clear soup or broth
{i} clear soup broth (usually made from beef)
A clear, seasoned soup usually made from beef or chicken, vegetables and seasonings; also obtained by dissolving a bouillon cube or envelope in boiling water
A clear seasoned broth made by simmering beef or chicken
A clear soup stock not as strongly flavored as broth it is usually clarified
Bouillon is a liquid made by boiling meat and bones or vegetables in water and used to make soups and sauces. = stock. a clear soup made by boiling meat and vegetables in water (boillon, from boillir )
An excrescence on a horse's frush or frog
clear soup with a strong flavor, as in: For the first course I'll have beef bouillon
bouillon cube
a cube of evaporated seasoned meat extract
bouillon cube
small square of evaporated meat extract
bouillon cube
A small cube of evaporated seasoned meat, poultry, or vegetable stock, used in making broth or to flavor soups or stews. a small square made of dried meat or vegetables, used to give a stronger taste to soups British Equivalent: stock cube
court bouillon
A seasoned, aromatic liquid, such as a mixture of water with wine or vinegar and spices and vegetables, used for poaching fish, meat, seafood, or vegetables
Godfrey of Bouillon
born 1060 died July 18, 1100, Jerusalem Duke of Lower Lorraine (1089-1100) and a leader of the First Crusade who became the first Latin ruler in Palestine (1099). He joined the crusade in 1096 and captured Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1099; refusing the title of king, he was instead called Defender of the Holy Sepulchre. He made truces with nearby Muslim cities and fought off an Egyptian attack, but he alienated other crusaders and left the kingdom weakened



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    /ˌbo͞oˈwələn/ /ˌbuːˈwɪlən/


    [ 'bü(l)-"yän, 'bu(l)- ] (noun.) circa 1656. First attested 1656, from French bouillon, from the verb bouillir (“to boil”), from Old French boillir, from Latin bullīre, present active infinitive of bulliō (“I bubble, boil”), from bulla (“bubble”).

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