bit field

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İngilizce - İngilizce
A contiguous group of bits within a binary pattern; they are specified by a starting bit position and length The functions IBSET, IBCLR, BTEST, and IBITS, and the subroutine MVBITS operate on bit fields
a field representing multiple boolean values as a field of sequential binary digits or bits Usually used to represent a series of (on/off) options Also called bit flag field
A group of bits considered as a unit A bit field may cross byte boundaries if supported by the compiler
A member of a structure or union that contains 0 or more bits
a member of a class that represents small integral values
A member of a structure or union that contains a specified number of bits
a field containing only binary characters
An integer value treated as a sequence of bits (binary digits) which can be toggled individually as flags
bit field