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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} bagaj

Dün bavulumu bagaj odasına koydum ama şimdi kayıp gibi görünüyor. - I put my suitcase in the baggage room yesterday, but now it seems to be missing.

Uçuş JL 123 için bagajı nerede bulabileceğimi bana söyleyebilir misiniz? - Could you tell me where I can find the baggage for flight JL 123?

baggage master bagaj memuru
{i} yol eşyası
canlı genç kadın
{i} haspa (Argo)
{i} şımarık kadın
{i} valiz

Kyoko benim için valizimi taşıyacak kadar yeterince kibardı. - Kyoko was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

Benim yalnızca bu valizim var. - I only have this baggage.

{i} civelek kız
ABD bagaj
{i} sevimsiz yaşlı kadın
işvebaz kız
{i} moruk (Argo)
{i} ordu yükü
(Askeri) eşya (bagaj)
{i} bagaj, yolcu eşyası
ordu teçhizatı
baggage car
yük vagonu
baggage car
baggage compartment
bagaj kompartmanı
baggage room
bagaj odası
baggage room
bagaj kompartımanı
baggage check
bagaj kontrolü
baggage check
bagaj belgesi
baggage checkout
bagaj kontrolü
baggage claim
Bagaj teslim yeri
baggage pickup
bagaj alma
baggage reclaim
Havaalanında bagaj alımı
baggage allowance
bagaj haddi
baggage car
bagaj arabası,yük vagonu
baggage car
eşya vagonu

Bu trende eşya vagonu yok. - On this train there is no baggage car.

baggage car
(Askeri) EŞYA VAGONU, FURGON: Trenlerde yolcu eşyasının taşınmasına mahsus özel vagon
baggage check
eşya makbuzu
baggage hold
bagaj yeri
baggage room
baggage train
(Askeri) EŞYA AĞIRLIĞI: Askeri birliklere ait malzemeyi taşıyan motorlu veya diğer araçlardan müteşekkil grup
bag and baggage
pılı pırtıyı toplayarak
bag and baggage
bütün eşya ile
bag and baggage
pılısını pırtısını toplayıp
bag and baggage
bütün eşyasıyla
bag and baggage
tasını tarağını toplayarak
bag and baggage
(deyim) pili pirtiyi toplayarak,butun esyasi ile
baggage claim
(Havacılık) bagaj teslim
checked baggage
(Havacılık) kontrol edilmiş bagaj
automatic baggage locker
otomatik bagaj muhafaza yeri
excess baggage
fazla bagaj
can you keep this baggage for me
bu valizi benim için saklar mısınız
do i have to pay extra for my baggage
valizim için ücret ne kadar
do i have to pay extra for my baggage
(fiil)lizim için ücret ne kadar
do you have any carry on baggage
yanınıza alacağınız bir şey var mı
excess baggage
bagaj fazlası
excess baggage
fazla valiz
excess baggage charge
fazla valiz ücreti
how much baggage can i take
yanımda ne kadar valiz getirebilirim
how much is the excess baggage charge
fazla valiz ücreti ne kadar
i can't find my baggage
bagajımı bulamıyorum
i don't have any baggage
valizim yok
i don't have any baggage
(fiil)lizim yok
i lost my baggage
(fiil)lizimi kaybettim
i lost my baggage
valizimi kaybettim
i'd like to send this baggage to london
bu valizi londra'ya göndermek istiyorum
kitchen and baggage trains
(Askeri) iaşe ve eşya ağırlıkları
kitchen and baggage, trains
(Askeri) İAŞE VE EŞYA AĞIRLIKLARI: Seyyar mutfak, eşya ve hizmet araçları ve taktik birliklerin muharebede hemen kullanmaları icap etmeyen akaryakıt ve su ikmal araçlarıyla sıhhiye ve bakım araçlarından mürekkep ağırlıklar. Bak. "field train"
may i have my baggage back
valizimi geri alabilir miyim
may i have my baggage back
(fiil)lizimi geri alabilir miyim
my baggage is broken, and some things are missing
bagajım kırılmış ve bazı şeyler eksik
please send someone for my baggage
valizim için lütfen birini yollar mısınız
please send someone for my baggage
(fiil)lizim için lütfen birini yollar mısınız
please take this baggage to the taxi stand
bu bagajı taksi standına taşıyın lütfen
send my baggage to the hote, please
(fiil)lizlerimi otele yollayın lütfen
send my baggage to the hote, please
valizlerimi otele yollayın lütfen
this is my baggage
bu benim bagajım
unidentified baggage
(Havacılık) tanımlanmamış bagaj
we'll inform you when your baggage is delivered
bagajınız ulaştığında biz size haber vereceğiz
where can i get my baggage
bagajımı nereden alabilirim
where is the baggage check
bagajımı nerede check ettirebilirim
you have too much carry on baggage
yanınızda taşımak için çok fazla şey almışsınız
your baggage claim tag, please
bagaj kartınız lütfen
İngilizce - İngilizce
An army's portable equipment; its baggage train

In Poland, for example, the unknown Bolesław Bierut, who appeared in 1944 in the baggage of the Red Army, and who played a prominent role as a ‘non-party figure’ in the Lublin Committee, turned out to be a Soviet employee formerly working for the Comintern.

Luggage; traveling equipment

Please put your baggage in the trunk.

A woman
Factors that restrict a person's freedom, often in an intellectual or psychological way

He's got a lot of emotional baggage.

{n} a worthless woman, utensils of an army, clothing carried on a voyage or journey
a case used to carry belongings when traveling a worthless or immoral woman
n bagasi
You can use baggage to refer to someone's emotional problems, fixed ideas, or prejudices. How much emotional baggage is he bringing with him into the relationship?
Trashy talk
Afecku Ilalen
a case used to carry belongings when traveling
Passenger personal property or other passenger articles transported in connection with a journey Unless otherwise specified, it includes both checked and unchecked baggage
1 travel 2 unnecessary garbage in your life you are holding on to 3 extra problems or situations
A romping, saucy girl
heavy baggage; women and children. Also a familiar epithet for a woman; as, cunning baggage, wanton baggage
A man of bad character
A woman of loose morals; a prostitute
Your baggage consists of the bags that you take with you when you travel. The passengers went through immigration control and collected their baggage. excess baggage. = luggage
which a traveler carries with him on a journey; luggage
luggage, especially in a metaphorical or negative sense: emotional baggage
Purulent matter
The trunks, valises, satchels, etc
(D) ISDs SHOULD NOT use this term to describe a data element except when stated as 'SET(trademark) baggage' with the following meaning: (O) SET usage: An 'opaque encrypted tuple, which is included in a SET message but appended as external data to the PKCS encapsulated data This avoids superencryption of the previously encrypted tuple, but guarantees linkage with the PKCS portion of the message ' [RFC2828] (see also encryption, Secure Electronic Transaction)
The clothes, tents, utensils, and provisions of an army
a worthless or immoral woman
{i} cargo, parcels; military equipment; naughty girl
baggage carousel
A conveyor to transport luggage from aircraft, trains or luggage shuttles (outside) to claiming passengers (inside.)
baggage claim
The designated location for receiving checked luggage such as the baggage carousels at an airport
baggage claims
plural form of baggage claim
baggage handler
One employed at airports to move baggage and other cargo between the aeroplanes and the terminal
baggage handlers
plural form of baggage handler
baggage reclaim
The designated location for receiving checked luggage such as the baggage carousels at an airport
Attributive form of baggage claim

baggage-claim employee.

baggage allowance
{i} weight of baggage that each passenger is allowed free of charge on commercial transportation (mainly airplanes)
baggage car
A baggage car is a railway carriage, often without windows, which is used to carry luggage, goods, or mail. the part of a train where boxes, bags etc are carried
baggage car
a railway car where passengers' bags are carried
baggage carousel
moving belt that conveys suitcases and luggage at the baggage claim area
baggage check
claim receipt (generally numbered) given to passengers for their luggage
baggage claim
Members in a new group are asked to write five interesting facts about themselves on a note card For several minutes, people walk around the room, introducing themselves and sharing the facts on their cards They then exchange cards (baggage) and move on to introduce themselves to others in the group When time is up, the teacher or moderator collects all the cards and either returns them to their owners, or reads the facts and asks people to identify the owner of the card (baggage)
baggage claim
The most difficult area of the airport to find It is usually hidden by numerous signs saying, "Baggage Claim Area "
baggage claim
area where passengers collect their suitcases and luggage after an airline flight
baggage claim
The area at an airport or other terminal where passengers retrieve their checked luggage
baggage master
One who has charge of the baggage at a railway station or upon a line of public travel
baggage rack
shelf of metal bars intended to hold suitcases (on top of a car, etc.)
baggage reclaim
'baggage .claim the place at an airport where you collect your cases and bags after a flight
baggage room
a place, usually in a train station, where you can leave your bags and collect them later
bag and baggage
All one's possessions
bag and baggage
With all one's possessions
bag and baggage
all one's possessions; entirely
excess baggage
On an aeroplane journey, excess baggage is luggage that is larger or weighs more than your ticket allows, so that you have to pay extra to take it on board
excess baggage
You can use excess baggage to talk about problems or events from someone's past which you think still worry them, especially when you think these things make it difficult for the person to cope or develop. The good thing about these younger players is that they are not carrying any excess baggage from less successful times