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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} anafor

Büyük bir girdap ve güçlü bir akıntı vardı. - It has a big whirlpool and a strong current.

{i} (suda oluşan) girdap, anafor, burgaç, çevrinti
su çevrintisi
girdap (suda oluşan)
su çevrisi
güçlü burgaç
whirlpool bath
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
a swirling body of water

A whirlpool is an instance of a vortex produced by ocean tides, or by a hole underneath where the water would drain out, such as in a bathtub.

turmoil, or agitated excitement
{n} water that moves circularly
Bathtub fitted with jets which propel a current of warm water in a swirling motion KOHLER offers more than 45 different whirlpools with a variety of standard features and options
A heated pool with high-pressure jets that circulate the water and relax the body
A bath that produces powerfully turbulent water, a whirlpool is helpful for treating certain injuries
a powerful circular current of water (usually the resulting of conflicting tides)
{i} whirling eddy or current of water, vortex of water
a rapidly rotating body of water; a vortex
flow in a circular current, of liquids
A tub of hot water (105-115° F) with jets of high-pressure water pumped from the sides and bottom which massage muscles and induce relaxation
A piece of equipment used for the clarification of beer, usually consisting of a large cylindrical tank The wort is introduced at high speed through a pipe As the wort comes into the tank, the trub or hot break deposits as a cone at the bottom by a process of sedimentation
A sea monster of the whale kind
Water bath in which the water is propelled by air to produce a massaging therapeutic action
A spiral motion of fluid within a limited area, especially a whirling mass of water or air that sucks everything near it toward its center This whirlpool is caused by water flowing out of a small opening in the bottom of a basin or reservoir A funnel-shaped opening is created downward from the water surface
A whirlpool is a small area in a river or the sea where the water is moving quickly round and round, so that objects floating near it are pulled into its centre
An eddy or vortex of water; a place in a body of water where the water moves round in a circle so as to produce a depression or cavity in the center, into which floating objects may be drawn; any body of water having a more or less circular motion caused by its flowing in an irregular channel, by the coming together of opposing currents, or the like
Device used to separate hops and trub from wort after boiling Wort is stirred in a circular motion and collects in the center of the whirlpool Clear wort is drained from the edge
whirlpool bath
A therapeutic bath in which all or part of the body is exposed to forceful whirling currents of hot water
A whirlpool
A whirlpool
A whirlpool
plural of whirlpool