warm blooded

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maintaining a relatively constant and warm body temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature
{s} having blood warmed by the body; having a hot temper
having warm blood (in animals whose body temperature is internally regulated)
A warm-blooded animal, for example a bird or a mammal, has a fairly high body temperature which does not change much and is not affected by the surrounding temperature. cold-blooded. animals that are warm-blooded have a body temperature that remains fairly high whether the temperature around them is hot or cold   cold-blooded
{s} homoiothermic
{s} homoiothermal
{s} hematothermal
Having warm blood; applied especially to those animals, as birds and mammals, which have warm blood, or, more properly, the power of maintaining a nearly uniform temperature whatever the temperature of the surrounding air
alternative spelling of warm-blooded
warm blooded


    warm bloo·ded

    التركية النطق

    wôrm blʌdîd


    /ˈwôrm ˈblədəd/ /ˈwɔːrm ˈblʌdɪd/

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