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stupid as a result of drunkenness
To become soaked
To drench, soak or saturate

But as I lay asleep the top had been pressed off the box, and the tinder got loose in my pocket; and though I picked the tinder out easily enough, and got it in the box again, yet the salt damps of the place had soddened it in the night, and spark by spark fell idle from the flint.

soaked or drenched with liquid; soggy, saturated
To be seethed; to become sodden
wet through and through; thoroughly wet; "stood at the door drenched (or soaked) by the rain"; "a shirt saturated with perspiration"; "his shoes were sopping (or soaking)"; "the speaker's sodden collar"; "soppy clothes"
To soak; to make heavy with water
Something that is sodden is extremely wet. We stripped off our sodden clothes. very wet and heavy (Old past participle of seethe)
Boiled; seethed; also, soaked; heavy with moisture; saturated; as, sodden beef; sodden bread; sodden fields
{s} soaked, saturated, wet; doughy, lumpy; bloated; expressionless, stupid; drunk; lacking energy
In a sodden (soaking wet) manner
in a sodden manner; damply; lumpily, heavily; dully; in a drunken manner



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    /ˈsädən/ /ˈsɑːdən/

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    [ 'sä-d&n ] (adjective.) 1589. From Middle English, from Old English soden, past participle of seoþan (“to cook", "to boil”)


    soddening, soddened

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