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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} fare

Bir kedi bir fareyi kovaladı. - A cat ran after a mouse.

Peynir çoğu kez bir fareyi bir tuzağa cezbeder. - Cheese often lures a mouse into a trap.

{i} (Bilgisayar) fare
{i} sıçan

Bir fare çekingen bir yaratıktır. - A mouse is a timid creature.

{f} fare tutmak
(serial / bus) Fare (seri / taşıt)
{f} fare avlamak
mouseravcı kedi
Micromys minutus house mouse fare
{ç} mice (mays)
harvest mouse cüce sıçan
Sorex araneus
mouse color fare rengi
Mus musculu
sinsi sinsi bir şeyin peşinden gitmek
(Bilgisayar) mouse
mouse mat
(Bilgisayar) mousepad
mouse color
koyu gri
mouse nest
fare deliği
mouse trap
fare kapanı
mouse's nest
fare deliği
mouse button
fare düğmesi
mouse ear
fare kulağı
mouse out
mouse pad
fare altlığı
mouse potato
bilgisayar bağımlısı
mouse potato
(deyim) Bilgisayar faresini elinden bırakmayan, internet bağımlısı kişi
mouse action
Fare İşlemi
mouse around
(Fiili Deyim ) etrafı gizlice araştırmak , kolaçan etmek
mouse basics
Fare Kullanımının temelleri
mouse ear hawkweed
mouse highlight
(Bilgisayar) fare vurgulaması
mouse keys
Fare tuşları
mouse pointer
Fare işaretçisi
mouse position
Farenin konumu
mouse resolution
Fare Çözünürlüğü
mouse sample rate
Fare Örnek Oranı
mouse shortcuts
Fare kestirmeleri
mouse simulation
(Bilgisayar) fare benzetimi
mouse systems
(Bilgisayar) mouse systems
mouse threshold
(Bilgisayar) fare eşiği
mouse tracking
Fare İzleme
mouse trails
(Bilgisayar) fare izleri
mouse tricks
Fare numaraları
mouse tutorial
(Bilgisayar) fare öğreticisi
field mouse
tarla faresi

Onun evindeki farelerden kurtulduk. - We got rid of the mice in his house.

Beyaz ya da siyah olsun, fareleri kovalayan bir kedi iyi bir kedidir. - Whether it's white or black, a cat that chases mice is a good cat.

as quiet as a mouse
as quiet as a mouse
confirm mouse operation
(Bilgisayar) fare işlemi onayı
mickey mouse
(Argo) çok iyi
mickey mouse
(Argo) karmaşık olmayan
american harvest mouse
amerikan tarla faresi
as timid as a mouse
süt dökmüş kedi gibi
bus mouse
seri bağlantılı fare
cactus mouse
kaktüs faresi
field mouse
grasshopper mouse
çekirge faresi
grey mouse ear
gri fare kulağı
harvest mouse
tarla faresi
hazel mouse
fındık faresi
kangaroo mouse
keseli fare
little mouse ear
küçük fare kulağı

Beyaz ya da siyah olsun, fareleri kovalayan bir kedi iyi bir kedidir. - Whether it's white or black, a cat that chases mice is a good cat.

Onun evindeki farelerden kurtulduk. - We got rid of the mice in his house.

avcı kedi
pharaoh mouse
play cat and mouse with
kedi fare gibi oynamak
pouched mouse
keseli sıçan
pygmy mouse
cüce fare
serial mouse
seri bağlantılı fare
vesper mouse
beyaz ayaklı maymun
wood mouse
ağaç sıçanı
as poor as a church mouse
Çok fakir, beş parasız
as timid as a mouse
süklüm püklüm/süt dökmüş kedi gibi
be quiet as a mouse
sessiz olmak, bir fare
harvest mouse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Cüce sıçan
nude mouse
çıplak fare
poor as a church mouse
Medine fukarası, çok fakir
Mickey Mouse
{i} önemsiz şey
Mickey Mouse
{i} basit iş
Mickey Mouse
{i} miki fare
Mickey Mouse
{i} kolay şey
Mickey Mouse
{i} kolay iş
Mickey Mouse
{i} karışık durum
birch mouse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) huş faresi
bus mouse
taşıta bağlanan fare
field mouse
house mouse
ev faresi
inport mouse
(Bilgisayar) ınport fare
meadow mouse
tarla faresi
i., çoğ., bak. mouse
microsoft serial mouse
(Bilgisayar) microsoft seri fare
(isim) avcı kedi
fare salma
on mouse click
(Bilgisayar) fare tıklatıldığında
on mouse down
(Bilgisayar) fare tuşuna basılırken
on mouse move
(Bilgisayar) fare taşındığında
on mouse up
(Bilgisayar) fare tuşu bırakılırken
only on mouse click
(Bilgisayar) yalnızca tıklatıldığında
spiny mouse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) dikenli fare
using the mouse
(Bilgisayar) fareyi kullanma
white mouse
beyaz fare
windows mouse support
(Bilgisayar) windows fare desteği
wood mouse
wood mouse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) orman faresi
wood mouse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) orman sıçanı
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To move cautiously or furtively, in the manner of a mouse (the rodent) (frequently used in the phrasal verb to mouse around)
(plural mice or, rarely, mouses) An input device that is moved over a pad or other flat surface to produce a corresponding movement of a pointer on a graphical display
Any small rodent of the genus Mus
To hunt or catch mice (the rodents), usually of cats
A member of the many small rodent and marsupial species resembling such a rodent
A quiet or shy person
To close the mouth of a hook by a careful binding of marline or wire

Captain Higgins moused the hook with a bit of marline to prevent the block beckets from falling out under slack.

{n} a small quadruped
{v} to catch mice
A knob made on a rope with spun yarn or parceling to prevent a running eye from slipping
Same as 2d Mousing, 2
A small hand-controlled input device that relays signals to the computer, which moves a corresponding pointer on the monitor screen
One of the many small rodent and marsupial species that resemble mouse
See Dormouse, Meadow mouse, under Meadow, and Harvest mouse, under Harvest
A device that allows us to move and click the cursor on a computer screen for different functions
A mouse is a small furry animal with a long tail. a mouse running in a wheel in its cage
A pointing device that is used to move a cursor on the computer screen, and make various operations possible such as typing, drawing, editing text and graphics, opening and closing files, and giving other commands The wire connecting it to the computer or keyboard looks like a mouse's tail A mouse is moved over a flat horizontal surface, usually a rubber mouse pad, and its position is read by the computer The original mouse has a button which the user clicks or holds down to place the cursor; now many models have more than one button
computer pointing device
manipulate the mouse of a computer
A palm-size device attached to a computer by a cord, which allows the user to select items displayed on the screen by controlling the cursor, and to give commands by clicking the device's buttons (See also "Hardware")
{f} catch mice, hunt for mice (especially of cats and large birds which prey on mice); maneuver a computer mouse, position the computer cursor in a certain place by moving the mouse (Computers)
The common house mouse (Mus musculus) is found in nearly all countries
A handheld device used with a graphical user interface system Common mouse actions include: 1) clicking the mouse button to select an object or to place the cursor at a certain point within a document; 2) double-clicking the mouse button to start a program or open a folder; and 3) dragging (holding down) the mouse button and moving the mouse to highlight a menu command or a selected bit of text
an input device consisting of 2 or more buttons with a rolling ball underneath The cursor on the screen follows the motion of the mouse ball
{i} small rodent with a long tail and a pointy face with little round ears; hand-size input device with buttons that when moved across a surface causes the cursor on the screen to move in the same direction (Computers); coward, shy person (Slang)
A dark-colored swelling caused by a blow
means a small hand operated device that you roll around a flat surface It is used to control the location of the pointer on the screen and to perform selected functions and options
A small device used to select which action to take on the screen The user must use the mouse to "point", and then "click" with the left button on the mouse to make a selection
a hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the mouse is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad; "a mouse takes much more room than a trackball"
A familiar term of endearment
A device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen A mouse is a small object you can roll along a hard, flat surface Its name is derived from its shape, which looks a bit like a mouse, its connecting wire that one can imagine to be the mouse's tail, and the fact that one must make it scurry along a surface As you move the mouse, the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction Mice contain at least one button and sometimes as many as three, which have different functions depending on what program is running Some newer mice also include a scroll wheel for scrolling through long documents
A pointing device used as an alternative to keyboard control for positioning the cursor and interacting with a GUI With a mouse plugged into your computer, you can guide the blinking light on-screen (the cursor) to draw, move data, and open and close files "Clicking" the mouse means pushing the mouse's button to highlight or activate a particular file or activity
To furnish with a mouse; to secure by means of a mousing
A pointing device that allows you to control the pointing arrow on the monitor screen, and click or drag items on the computer "desktop" quickly and easily
The American white-footed, or deer, mouse (Hesperomys leucopus) sometimes lives in houses
any of numerous small rodents typically resembling diminutive rats having pointed snouts and small ears on elongated bodies with slender usually hairless tails
A commonly used pointing device that contains one or more buttons with which a user can interact with a computer system For example, using a mouse button, a user can select objects or choices, initiate actions, or directly manipulate objects
A point and draw device that, when moved across a level surface in a particular distance and direction, causes the same movement of the cursor on the screen
A mouse is a device that is connected to a computer. By moving it over a flat surface and pressing its buttons, you can move the cursor around the screen and do things without using the keyboard
A pointing device that controls input by moving a cursor or other figure on the screen Normally, the user points to an object on the screen and then presses a button on the mouse to indicate her selection
To watch for and catch mice
To watch for or pursue anything in a sly manner; to pry about, on the lookout for something
A match used in firing guns or blasting
A mouse is a computer input device that controls the movement of the cursor on the screen to make selections and to perform operations
In computer parlance a mouse can be both the physical object moved around to control a pointer on the screen, and the pointer itself Unlike the animal, the proper plural of computer mouse is "mouses"
A hardware device that you use to communicate with windows and icons You move the mouse to move the cursor on the screen, and you press its buttons to initiate operations An optical mouse must always be on the mouse pad for the IRIS to interpret its movements; a mechanical mouse works on any clean, flat surface
The device that enables you to point to and click or drag objects to select and act upon them instead of having to use the keyboard Unlike a typical Macintosh, a typical mpouse for a PC has two buttons Although the left button is used for most functions, "right-clicking" (pressing the right mouse button) can enable you to perform alternate functions
to go stealthily or furtively; " stead of sneaking around spying on the neighbor's house"
A pointing device that lets you move the cursor on-screen Mice (not "mouses") are used in conjunction with GUIs
A "pointing" device used to make menu selections or position the cursor for other purposes Once the pointer is positioned, a key on the mouse is "clicked" to make the menu selection
Any one of numerous species of small rodents belonging to the genus Mus and various related genera of the family Muridæ
See Mouse, n
To tear, as a cat devours a mouse
An input device that is moved over a pad or other flat surface, its movement being converted into a corresponding movement of a pointer on a graphical display
game of cat and mouse: see cat. Any of many species (family Muridae) of small, scampering rodents. They are distinguished from rats principally by their smaller size. Mice are basically Asian in origin, but species have been introduced worldwide. Species in other rodent families (e.g., deer mouse, pocket mouse) are called mice without scientific basis. Mice eat grains, roots, fruit, grass, and insects. They can become pests but are mostly beneficial; they are the main prey of most furbearers and of predators that might otherwise take more valuable prey. The white laboratory mouse is a form of house mouse. See also field mouse. Hand-controlled electromechanical device for interacting with a digital computer that has a graphical user interface. The mouse can be moved around on a flat surface to control the movement of a cursor on the computer display screen. Equipped with one or more buttons, it can be used to select text, activate programs, or move items around the screen by quickly pressing and releasing one of the buttons ("clicking") or by keeping a button depressed while moving the device ("clicking and dragging"). mouse deer deer mouse white footed mouse field mouse wood mouse house mouse Mickey Mouse pocket mouse
To hunt or catch mice (the rodents)
A small device attached to the computer by a cord, which lets you give commands to the computer The mouse controls an arrow on the computer screen and allows you to point and click to make selections
The plural mouses can be used for meaning 2
A mouse is a small device with a ball on the bottom As you move the mouse across a surface, the ball turns, turning receptors inside the mouse These receptors send signals to the computer which cause a pointer or cursor on screen to move in a way which corresponds to the direction and speed the mouse was moved (Try turning the mouse backward- away from the computer- and moving it ) There are also optical mouses, that track the motion of the mouse by reflecting light off of a special mouse pad
A device which allows a computer user to move the screen cursor or pointer A mouse usually has one or more buttons on top, a ball on the bottom and a cable connecting the mouse to the computer Movement of the mouse causes a relative change in cursor location Clicking the button causes a screen item or command to be selected See also: mouse (Webopedia)
Perhaps the smallest piece of the computerís visible hardware, the mouse is attached to the computer via a port and is used, like the keyboard, to pass the userís instructions to the computer Its most basic functions are to allow us to point at an area on the screen and activate screen buttons or applications with clicks of the mouse buttons, and to select text in a block (by dragging the mouse) It is also a way of accessing certain menus (try clicking the right button when certain programmes are open) Left-handed users can easily swap the functions of the two main mouse buttons by adapting the computerís set up
mouse buttons
plural form of mouse button
mouse mat
A surface, used to enhance the movement of a computer mouse
mouse mats
plural form of mouse mat
mouse over
To move a computer mouse pointer over (an element of the display)
mouse pad
: A pad with surface used to enhance the movement of a computer mouse
mouse pads
plural form of mouse pad
mouse potato
A person who spends excessive amounts of time using a computer

The internet, the authors say, affords the average mouse-potato the opportunity to experience a Naipaul-esque enigma of arrival in far-away lands without ever leaving the shores of Trinidad.

mouse potatoes
plural form of mouse potato
mouse wheel
A hard plastic or rubbery disc on a computer mouse used for scrolling
mouse wheels
plural form of mouse wheel
mouse-colored antshrike
a passerine bird of the antbird family
mouse-colored antshrikes
plural form of mouse-colored antshrike
Attributive form of mouse potato, noun
Attributive form of mouse wheel, noun

He was a mouse-wheel virtuoso, scrolling and zooming with ease.

mouse tailed bat
An insectivorous bat with a long mouse-like tail, native to Africa and Asia and often found in man-made structures
mouse button
A switch on the mouse -- left, middle, or right Pressing a mouse button usually initiates some action, which is determined by both the button pressed and the current screen location of the mouse pointer
mouse button
A mechanism on a mouse that you press to make selections
mouse button
one of the two or three buttons at the top edge of the mouse, used to perform actions on the object pointed at by the mouse pointer
mouse button
a push button on the mouse
mouse button
A computer mouse may have one, two or three buttons each of which controls certain functions which may be customised to suit the individual needs of the user
mouse button
A button on a mouse pointing device Mouse buttons can be pressed, released, moved, clicked, and double-clicked
mouse mat
{i} mousepad, square of rubbery material used as a base for a computer mouse (Computers)
mouse mat
a small portable pad that provides traction for the ball of a computer mouse
mouse mat
A mouse mat is a flat piece of plastic or some other material that you rest the mouse on while using a computer
mouse nest
where mice bear and raise their young
mouse pad
pad on which a mouse operates
mouse pad
square of rubbery material used as a base for a computer mouse (Computers)
mouse pad
A pad which allows for smoother easier movement of the mouse then just on the surface of a table
mouse pad
Where Mickey and Minnie live
mouse pad
For an optical mouse, this is the rectangular, metallic surface that reads the movements of the mouse For a mechanical mouse, this is a clean, soft rectangular surface that makes the mouse's trackball roll efficiently
mouse pad
A mouse pad is the same as a mouse mat
mouse pad
A smooth, flat pad placed on your desk It provides a suitavle surface on which you can move the mouse
mouse pointer
or Mouse Cursor The pointer indicating where the mouse is "looking" on the monitor screen On the Desktop the pointer is an arrow unless the computer is working at some task, in which case it becomes an hour glass In many programs it becomes a blinking vertical or horizontal line On the World Wide Web (i e , in the Browser) it may be an arrow or a hand-if the latter it is pointing to a hyper-link
mouse pointer
An indicator on the screen which responds to the movement of the mouse In Word98, the mouse pointer is represented by a bar with split ends within a document and by an arrow outside the document
mouse pointer
The mouse pointer indicates a position on screen as the mouse is moved on the desk It may appear in various forms: a single arrow, double arrow, question-pointer, 4-directional pointer, hourglass, I-beam, hand pushing a button, and so on
mouse pointer
The graphical image (for example, an arrow head) that appears on the screen and represents the current location of the mouse
mouse pointer
The visual representation of the mouse pointing device The shape may vary depending on the actions taking place
mouse pointer
an arrow, a hand, or a capital "I" that shows where you are on the screen
mouse pointer
The usually arrow-shaped cursor on the screen that you control by guiding the mouse on your desk You use the mouse pointer to select items, drag objects, choose commands, and start or exit programs The shape of the mouse pointer can change depending on the task being executed
mouse pointer
The mouse pointer is a small object, generally a white arrow in Microsoft Windows that indicates where the mouse is pointing
mouse pointer
mouse cursor, mouse arrow, symbol on the screen which can be moved by moving the mouse
mouse pointer
A small shape on the screen that follows the movement of the mouse On RCS, the mouse pointer may appear, for example, as an arrow, a cross, or an X, depending on its location on the workstation screen
mouse pointer
An on-screen mark which changes location as you move the mouse Depending on the location of the mouse pointer and the program used, the area of the screen where the pointer appears is where an action will take place when you click one of the mouse buttons
mouse pointer
is an icon, often in the form of an arrow, which moves around the screen in response to the movement of the mouse
mouse pointer
A symbol that represents mouse movement When you move your mouse, the mouse pointer will move on the screen accordingly
mouse pointer
the marking device that shows you where you are in a window , menu, or dialog box It can be an arrow or a hand
mouse pointer
An onscreen, context-sensitive symbol that corresponds to movements made by a mouse (pg 31)
mouse pointer
The mouse pointer takes on different shapes depending on the software program you are using and where you position the pointer on the computer screen Some of the shapes are
mouse pointer
An icon, typically an arrow, that appears on your screen and is controlled by the movement of the mouse You use the mouse pointer to work with menus, icons, links, and other screen objects For more detail, click here
mouse pointer
A mouse pointer is a screen element that corresponds to the spot where you are rolling the mouse The mouse pointer can change depending on the current action
mouse port
port which enables the connection of a computer mouse to a computer without using a serial port
mouse potato
internet or computer addict (Slang)
mouse trap
{i} mouse snare, trap for catching mice
mouse usage
manner in which one uses a computer mouse
mouse-ear chickweed
any of various plants related to the common chickweed
mouse-ear hawkweed
European hawkweed having soft hairy leaves; sometimes placed in genus Hieracium
mouse-eared bat
a carnivorous bat with ears like a mouse
mouse-tooth forceps
a type of forceps
Mickey Mouse
Of an item of dubious quality
Mickey Mouse
The most famous Disney character, an anthropomorphic mouse
bit by a barn mouse
cat and mouse
A relationship in which two parties closely monitor and challenge one another in a suspicious or self-protective manner, often because each party is attempting to gain an advantage over the other

The hackers played a cat and mouse game with the computer's system administrators: The hackers kept trying new tricks, and the system administrators kept mounting electronic defenses to prevent damage and catch the hackers.

field mouse
a small vole such as the meadow vole
field mouse
one of several species of mice in genus Apodemus
field mouse
one of several species of mice in genus Akodon
A bat
flying mouse
Any species of rodent in the family Idiurus, which have the ability to glide
flying mouse
An input device like a mouse that can be lifted from a surface and moved in three dimensions
harvest mouse
A species of the sub-family Murinae (Old World rats and mice)
house mouse
The universally common mouse of the species Mus musculus
kangaroo mouse
One of the two species in the Microdipodops genus native to the deserts of the South-western United States
knockout mouse
Any of several forms of mice that have been genetically engineered by inactivating specific genes
A cat that catches mice, kept specifically for the purpose
northern birch mouse
A rodent in the Dipodidae family, Sicista betulina
poor as a church mouse
Very poor to a point of starving or begging

She was an Eastern Virginia woman, and, although poor as a church mouse, thought herself superior to West Virginia people.

quiet as a mouse
Very quiet, so as to not be heard
striped field mouse
A species of the sub-family Murinae (Old World rats and mice), Apodemus agrarius
sugar mouse
A traditional sweet, based on icing sugar, in the shape of a mouse, often fitted with a piece of string for a tail
wood mouse
a European rodent, Apodemus sylvaticus, that tends to live in hedgerows
yellow-necked mouse
A species of the sub-family Murinae (Old World rats and mice), Apodemus flavicollis
flying mouse
The feathertail glider (Acrobates pygmaeus), also known as the pygmy gliding possum, pygmy glider, pygmy phalanger, flying phalanger and flying mouse, is the world's smallest gliding possum and is named for its long feather-shaped tail
{n} of mouse
{n} one that catched mice
nude mouse
A mouse with a genetic defect that prevents them from growing hair and also prevents them from immunologically rejecting human cells and tissues; widely used in preclinical trials
word of mouse
The way news and rumors spread across the internet via message boards and IRC servers. (Someone coined this along time ago...just did not see it listed and thought it should be.) Example: If word of mouth and work of mouth don't do it for you, try word of mouse and work of mouse
American harvest mouse
any of several small grayish New World mice inhabiting e g grain fields
Mickey Mouse
disapproval You use Mickey Mouse to show that you think something is silly, childish, easy, or worthless. This is not a Mickey Mouse course where every player has a chance. small and not at all important (Mickey Mouse, cartoon character invented by the U.S. film producer Walt Disney). a cartoon character invented by Walt Disney. He is the most famous of all Disney's characters and is often used as a symbol of the Disney organization. Famous character of Walt Disney's animated cartoons. He was introduced in Steamboat Willie (1928), the first animated cartoon with sound. Mickey was created by Disney, who also provided his high-pitched voice, and was usually drawn by the studio's head animator, Ub Iwerks. Noted for his overlarge head and round black ears, he became the star of more than 100 cartoon shorts. The Mickey Mouse Club was one of the most popular television shows for children in the U.S. in the 1950s, and the signature black cap with mouse ears worn by the show's stars became one of the most widely distributed items in merchandising history
Mickey Mouse
{i} cartoon character created by Walt Disney in 1928 (also known as Mickey)
Mini Mouse
cartoon character created by Walt Disney Studios (Mickey Mouse's girlfriend)
Minnie Mouse
a cartoon character invented by Walt Disney. She is a female mouse, and wife or girlfriend of Mickey Mouse
Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
an old story about a mouse who lives in a town and who invites a poor mouse who lives in the country to come and stay with him. The country mouse does not like the town, and when he invites the town mouse to come and stay with him in the country, the town mouse does not like the country. The lesson of the story is that a way of life that is suitable for one person may not be suitable for another
alpine mouse-ear
widespread in Arctic and on mountains in Europe
american harvest mouse
grain fields
american harvest mouse
any of several small grayish New World mice inhabiting e
bus mouse
mouse which is connected to the computer through a unique expansion card
cactus mouse
burrowing mouse of desert areas of southwestern United States
cat and mouse
enemies, rivals; rivalry
cat and mouse
a game for children in which the players form a circle and join hands; they raise their hands to let a player inside the circle or lower their hands to bar a second player who is chasing the first
church mouse
a fictional mouse created by Lewis Carroll
common mouse
house mouse, type of mouse found in houses
cotton mouse
large dark mouse of southeastern United States
deer mouse
brownish New World mouse; most widely distributed member of the genus
deer mouse
A North American mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) having white feet and underparts, and a long, bicolored tail. or white-footed mouse Any of about 60 species (genus Peromyscus, family Cricetidae) of small, delicate rodents that are active at night and are found in habitats from Alaska to South America. They often outnumber all other mammals in an area. Deer mice are 3-6.5 in. (8-17 cm) long (excluding the long tail) and have large eyes, soft fur, and relatively large ears. Colours range from white to brown or blackish, with white underparts and feet. They eat plant and animal matter and nest in burrows or trees. Clean, easily cared for, and prolific, they are often used as laboratory animals
european wood mouse
nocturnal yellowish-brown mouse inhabiting woods and fields and gardens
field mouse
wild mouse, mouse that lives in fields
field mouse
any of various small mouselike rodents of the family Cricetidae (especially of genus Microtus) having a stout short-tailed body and inconspicuous ears and inhabiting fields or meadows
field mouse
any nocturnal Old World mouse of the genus Apodemus inhabiting woods and fields and gardens
field mouse
A field mouse is a mouse with a long tail that lives in fields and woods. Any of various small mice or voles, especially of the genus Microtus, inhabiting meadows and fields and often causing damage to crops. Also called meadow mouse. or wood mouse In general, any mouse that normally lives in fields; more strictly, any of about seven species of small, long-tailed mice in the genus Apodemus (family Muridae). Field mice in this genus are found in fields, woodlands, and mountain meadows in the warm and temperate parts of Eurasia. They are grayish or light or reddish brown and are 2-5 in. (6-12 cm) long excluding the tail. They generally live in burrows and build nests of grass and other plants. They eat seeds, roots, and other plant material, occasionally damaging crops or young trees
flying mouse
tiny flying phalanger
grasshopper mouse
insectivorous mouse of western North America
harvest mouse
small reddish-brown Eurasian mouse inhabiting e
harvest mouse
any of several small grayish New World mice inhabiting e g grain fields
harvest mouse
small reddish-brown Eurasian mouse inhabiting e g cornfields
harvest mouse
hazel mouse
a variety of dormouse
hispid pocket mouse
large stiff-haired rodent of shortgrass prairies of United States
house mouse
brownish-gray Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide
house mouse
A common gray or brownish-gray mouse (Mus musculus) that lives in or near buildings and often carries disease. It is frequently used in laboratory experiments. Common mouse species (Mus musculus, family Muridae), the mouse most often encountered in buildings. The house mouse has been distributed by humans from Eurasia to all inhabited areas of the world and usually seeks shelter and food in human dwellings. Brown or gray, it grows up to 8 in. (20 cm) long, including a 4-in. (10-cm) tail. It consumes almost anything edible, even sampling soap, paste, and glue. It matures quickly and is ready to mate two to three months after birth. In warm areas or heated buildings, it breeds throughout the year
house mouse
type of mouse that lives in buildings
jumping mouse
any of several primitive mouselike rodents with long hind legs and no cheek pouches; of woodlands of Eurasia and North America
jumping mouse
Any of various small Eurasian and North American rodents of the family Zapodidae, having a very long tail and long hind legs
kangaroo mouse
leaping rodent of Australian desert areas small silky-haired pouched rodent; similar to but smaller than kangaroo rats
little mouse
small mouse, small animal from the rodent family
meadow jumping mouse
widely distributed in northeastern and central United States and Canada
mexican pocket mouse
large pocket mouse of Mexico
irregular plural of mouse
Mice is the plural of mouse. Plural of mouse. the plural of mouse
pl of Mouse
mickey mouse
a fictional mouse created in animated film strips by Walt Disney
mickey mouse
(informal terms) small and of little importance; "a fiddling sum of money"; "a footling gesture"; "our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war"; "a little (or small) matter"; "Mickey Mouse regulations"; "a dispute over niggling details"; "limited to petty enterprises"; "piffling efforts"; "giving a police officer a free meal may be against the law, but it seems to be a picayune infraction"
microsoft mouse
mouse produced by the Microsoft Corporation and which has become the standard for computer mice
mighty mouse
a fictional mouse endowed with great strength and courage
minnie mouse
the partner of Mickey Mouse
Microsoft's basic credential, MOUS has three certification levels: Proficient (or Core) Specialist for Excel and Word, Expert Specialist for each of the products included in Microsoft Office, and Master Specialist for applicants who demonstrate proficiency in all Microsoft Office components
[Microsoft Office User Specialists] A certification program offered by Microsoft
past of mouse
{i} mouse chaser, mouse hunter (especially of cats and large birds which prey on mice); seeker of prey
One who pries about on the lookout for something
a cat proficient at mousing
A cat that catches mice
third-person singular of mouse
As used as a computer peripheral
A turn or lashing of spun yarn or small stuff, or a metallic clasp or fastening, uniting the point and shank of a hook to prevent its unhooking or straighening out
present participle of mouse
The act of hunting mice
A ratchet movement in a loom
Impertinently inquisitive; prying; meddlesome
new world mouse
a variety of rodent
pine mouse
Any of various voles of the genus Pitymys, especially P. pinetorum, a tiny forest animal of eastern North America. Also called pine vole
plains pocket mouse
small rodent of open areas of United States plains states
play cat and mouse with
play chase, be hard to catch
played cat and mouse with
teased and tormented
pocket mouse
Any of various small, nocturnal North American burrowing rodents of the genus Perognathus, related to the kangaroo rat and having fur-lined external cheek pouches, small ears, and a long tail. Any of about 30 species of nocturnal North American rodents constituting the genus Perognathus (family Heteromyidae), having fur-lined, external cheek pouches that open alongside the mouth. Pocket mice are yellowish brown to dark gray and are 2.5-5 in. (6-13 cm) long, excluding a tail of about the same length. They are usually solitary and inhabit dry and desert regions. They carry food (mainly seeds) in their pouches and store it in their burrows. Spiny pocket mice (most in the genera Liomys and Heteromys; family Heteromyidae), found from Mexico through Central America, are gray, brown, or black nocturnal burrowers that inhabit wet, forested regions as well as dry country
pocket mouse
any of various small nocturnal burrowing desert rodents with cheek pouches and long hind legs and tail
poor as a church mouse
extremely poor, having no money at all
pouched mouse
any of numerous small sharp-nosed insectivorous marsupials superficially resembling mice or rats
pygmy mouse
very small dark grayish brown mouse resembling a house mouse; of Texas and Mexico
red-backed mouse
any of several voles of mountainous regions of Eurasia and America
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(Bilgisayar) mouse
mouse [comp.]
mouse systems
(Bilgisayar) mouse systems
mouse systems faresi
(Bilgisayar) mouse systems mouse
bilgisayar faresi mouse
(of a computer)

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    /ˈmous/ /ˈmaʊs/

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    [ maus ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Middle English mous, from Old English mūs, from Proto-Germanic *mūs, from Proto-Indo-European *muh₂s. cognates


    mouses, mousing, moused

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    mouse mat


    ... If you mouse over any photograph that's yours, we'll ...

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