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Lütfen beni otel güvenliğine götürün. - Please get me hotel security.

Lütfen beni yanlış anlamayın. - Please don't get me wrong.

get it
{k} (deyim) anlamak
get it
o olsun
get me?
Bana mi?
get someone
Birini anlamak
get something
bir şey elde
get you
get it
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- anlamak 2- cezaya çarpılmak
get it
{k} (deyim) cezaya carpilmak veya azar isitmek
get it
{k} zılgıt yemek; gününü görmek: We're going to get it now! Şimdi çattık belaya!
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية

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get it
To possess a preferred outlook on a given issue or issues

Her principal really just doesn't get it; that new policy won't prevent any violence.

get it
To understand, comprehend, or grasp

If they aren't getting it, explain it a different way.

get it
To realize or understand why a joke is funny

I thought it was hilarious, but she didn't get it.

get it
To get what's coming to one: to feel someone's wrath; to receive punishment; to receive a retaliation; to receive a beating

After the way she spoke to him, she's really going to get it this time.

get you
An expression of encouragement, commonly used sarcastically

Debbie: Ooh, get you! Since when have you ever wanted to listen to the teachers?.

get it
receive punishment; "You are going to get it!"
get it
understand, usually after some initial difficulty; "She didn't know what her classmates were plotting but finally caught on"
get it
catch on, understand something, realize something; suffer the consequences
get it
receive punishment; "You are going to get it!
get you
catch you, capture you; kill you; take revenge on you, GETCHA
get me

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    get mi


    /ˈget ˈmē/ /ˈɡɛt ˈmiː/


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