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occurring unexpectedly or of an urgent nature
emerging; coming into view or into existence; nascent; new
A plant whose root system grows underwater, but whose shoot grows up and above the water
coming into view
{a} coming out or into sight, sudden
protruding above the water surface (eg emergent vegetation)
n , (ME Fr L emergent-, emergens, pres part of emergere, to emerge - more at emerge) any of various plants (as a cattail) rooted in shallow water and having most of the vegetative growth above the water
to come out of
1 extremely tall tree crown which rises above the main canopy As cited in
coming into existence; "a nascent republic
Rising or emerging out of a fluid or anything that covers or conceals; issuing; coming to light
Aquatic plants rooted in water but growing up above the water surface
Suddenly appearing; arising unexpectedly; calling for prompt action; urgent
An erect, rooted, herbaceous wetland plant that may be temporarily or permanently flooded at its base but is nearly always exposed at the upper portion Most swamps, bogs, marshes and prairie wetlands contain emergent vegetation
a type of plant rooted in shallow water but supporting stems and leaves that reach and grow up out of the water; cattails and arrowhead are emergent plants
growing in water with the majority of the plant extending above the water surface
As used here, a plant that is rooted and has parts extending above a water surface
coming into existence; "a nascent republic"
Having part of a plant aerial and the rest submersed; with parts extending out of the water (Little & Jones 1980)
The tops of the tallest trees in a rainforest
An emergent country, political movement, or social group is one that is becoming powerful or coming into existence. an emergent state. an emergent nationalist movement. in the early stages of existence or development
{s} rising out of, emerging from
an aquatic plant having most of its vegetative parts above water
models of change emphasise that in uncertain conditions it is likely that the results of a project will be affected by unknown factors, and that planning has only a limited effect on the outcome
Occurring as a consequence
emergent evolution
The theory that some aspects are observable in a high-level view of a complex system but barely deducible from the description of its components
emergent literacy
the reading and writing concepts, behaviors, and dispositions that precede and develop into conventional reading and writing
emergent evolution
the appearance of entirely new properties at certain critical stages in the course of evolution
emergent vegetation
Vegetation that grows with its roots under water but whose leaves and stems extend above the surface of the water
emergent vegetation
erect plants rooted underwater that grow above (emerge from) the surface of the water (i e cattails)
emergent vegetation
Lakes fed primarily by streams and with outlets into streams or rivers They are more subject to surface runoff problems but generally have shorter residence times than seepage lakes Watershed protection is usually needed to manage lake water quality