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O, İngilizce bir günlük tutar. - He keeps a diary in English.

Bu onun tuttuğu günlüktür. - This is the diary which she kept.

anı defteri
not defteri
(Askeri) MUHTIRA: Birliklerde bir karargah subayı tarafından tutulan ve birliğin günlük faaliyetini detaylı olarak, belirten muhtıra defteri
{i} ajanda
diarist hatıra defteri tutan kimse
{i} hatıra defteri
{i} jurnal
diary products
(Gıda) süt ve süt ürünleri
diary keeper
günlük tutan
diary cattle
süt ineği
diary keeper
günlük tutan kimse
diary studies
(Dilbilim) günce çalışması
diary study
(Tıp) günlük çalışması
keep a diary
günlük tutmak
engagement diary
randevu defteri
dear diary
sevgili günlüğüm
pertaining to a diary; daily
bir günlük ilişkin; günlük
travel diary
seyahat günlüğü
war diary
(Askeri) HARP CERİDESİ: Bir birliğin, seferde günlük olaylarla ilgili olarak tuttuğu kayıtlar
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A calendar or appointment book
A daily log of experiences, especially those of the writer
The method or media used to keep such experiences

They kept separate diaries. His was on paper and her diary was on her computer's hard drive.

{a} daily, of a day
{n} a daily account, a journal
A questionnaire in which the respondent is asked to furnish a written record of their television viewing activity over a specified period of time (usually one week) This methodology is prevalent in local (spot) television ratings
lasting for one day; as, a diary fever
a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations
daily record of events, as in: I kept a diary when the twins were tiny, to help me remember which baby I fed last
A booklet used for audience measurement in which people write down the programs they listen to or watch 13 2
a personal journal (as a physical object) a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations
{i} written account of daily occurrences, journal; daily calendar
A diary is a book which has a separate space for each day of the year. You use a diary to write down things you plan to do, or to record what happens in your life day by day. or journal Record of events, transactions, or observations kept daily or at frequent intervals; especially a daily record of personal activities, reflections, or feelings. Written primarily for the writer's use alone, the personal diary usually offers a frankness not found in writing done for publication. The diary form, which began to flower in the late Renaissance, is important as a record of social and political history. The most famous diary in English is that of Samuel Pepys. Other notable journals include those of John Evelyn, Jonathan Swift, Fanny Burney, James Boswell, André Gide, and Virginia Woolf. Atlanta Journal Constitution Ladies' Home Journal Wall Street Journal The
a personal journal (as a physical object)
The record kept by a respondent of purchase behavior, likes and dislikes and so forth, over a period of time Typically diaries are a product of research panels who create them
A register of daily events or transactions; a daily record; a journal; a blank book dated for the record of daily memoranda; as, a diary of the weather; a physician's diary
The author of a dairy, a diarist
Diary of Anne Frank
the diary (=book in which you write down your thoughts, experiences etc each day) written by Anne Frank when she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II. It was published after her death in a concentration camp, and it has been made into a play and film
Diary of a Nobody
a humorous book by George and Weedon Grossmith. It is written in the form of a diary belonging to the main character, Mr Pooter, who describes his life during the early 1890s. Mr Pooter is a very ordinary man, who often gets into embarrassing social situations and makes himself look stupid (1892)
diary keeper
person who keeps and writes in a diary, diarist
appointment diary
a small personal notebook in which one makes a note of future planned events, engagements, appointments, etc., so as not to forget them
Bridget Jones's Diary
a novel by British writer Helen Fielding. The character Bridget Jones is a British woman in her 30s, who drinks wine, smokes a lot of cigarettes and writes about her troubles in her diary
plural of diary
electronic diary
program on a computer for daily management of one's business affairs; small portable electronic device for managing one's schedule
kept a diary
wrote regularly in a journal
video diary
A video diary is a film that someone makes of the things that happen to them over a period of time, recorded using a video camera. video diaries a record on video of someone's activities during a day, or over a period of time make/keep a video diary
war diary
journal used to record events that take place during a war