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الإنجليزية - التركية
seksi karı
hamburger ekmeği
ekmek kadayıfına benzer kızarmış bir hamur tatlısı
{i} seksi kadın
seksi kadın/ekmek
{i} kızarmış hamur tatlısı

O bir kızarmış hamur tatlısı yiyor. - He is eating a crumpet.

{i} fıstık (Argo)
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A person (or, collectively, persons) considered sexually desirable

John and his mates have gone out to find themselves some crumpet.

A type of savoury cake, typically flat and round, made from batter and yeast, containing many small holes and served toasted, usually with butter
raised muffin cooked on a griddle
A kind of large, thin muffin or cake, light and spongy, and cooked on a griddle or spider
{i} small round muffin-like bread; good looking woman (British Slang)
Some men refer to attractive women as crumpet. This use could cause offence
Crumpets are round, flat pieces of a substance like bread or batter with small holes in them. You toast them and eat them with butter
bit of crumpet
A very sexually desirable woman

She's a bit of a crumpet, that one.

piece of crumpet
A very sexually desirable woman

She's a piece of crumpet, that one.

thinking man's crumpet
An intelligent and good looking woman, particularly one who has a high profile in the broadcast media

Joan Bakewell|Joan Bakewell]] was famously described as the thinking man's crumpet.

plural of crumpet




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    [ 'kr&m-p&t ] (noun.) 1769. 17th century, either from crompid cake (“wafer, literally, curled-up cake”), from crompid, form of crumpen (“to curl up”); cognate to crumpled. Alternate etymology is from Celtic; compare Breton krampoez (“thin, flat cake”). Sense of “desirable woman” attested 1936, possibly as cockney rhyming slang for strumpet; alternatively, compare tart (“loose woman, prostitute”) (itself possibly cockney rhyming slang for heart or sweetheart).

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