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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} bebek karyolası

Dün gece Tom'un bodrum katında bir bebek karyolasında yattım. - I slept on a cot in Tom's basement last night.


Son zamanlarda onun yaşadığı kulübe ile karşılaştırılırsa o ev küçük görünüyordu. - It seemed that that house was small if it was compared with the cottage which he lived in even recently.

Onun kulübesi kıyıda. - His cottage is on the coast.

(Askeri) dost birlikleri komuta eden subay (commanding officer of troops)
{i} ağıl
{i} (üzerine bez gerili) portatif karyola
{i} küçük kulübe
{i} kümes
{i} portatif karyola

Tom arka odadaki portatif karyolada uyuyor. - Tom is asleep on the cot in the back room.

bez karyola
kamp yatağı/beşik/kulübe
{i} İng. bebek karyolası
cot death
uykuda bebek ölümü
baby cot
Bebek karyolası
(Askeri) yük indirme ve transfer sistemi; ticari olarak bulunabilir (cargo offload and transfer system; commercial off-the-shelf)
Top roller cot
(Tekstil) Üst silindir manşonu
carry cot
portatif karyola
carry cot
bebek taşıma çantası
could you put a cot in the room
odamıza karyola koyabilir misiniz
finger cot
(Tıp) parmak eldiveni
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A cottage or small homestead
A finger cover used to prevent static discharge
A simple bed, especially one for portable or temporary purposes; a camp bed
A wooden bed frame, slung by its corners from a beam, in which officers slept before the introduction of bunks
A crib (child's bed)
{n} a hut, a very small or little house
A small, rudely- formed boat
A sleeping place of limited size; a little bed; a cradle; a piece of canvas extended by a frame, used as a bed
{i} light portable bed; crib for a baby
Committee on Toxicity (GBR)
A small house; a cottage or hut
baby bed with high sides
The customer arranges his own transport of the container to and from the terminal or depot but aggrees to restitute the container back to the terminal or depot
A cover or sheath; as, a roller cot (the clothing of a drawing roller in a spinning frame); a cot for a sore finger
A pen, coop, or like shelter for small domestic animals, as for sheep or pigeons; a cote
a sheath worn to protect a finger
A finger cover uses to prevent static discharge
abbr Central Office Terminals
A weekly report from the Commodities Exchange showing the outstanding long and short positions of a commodity contract
A cot is a bed for a baby, with bars or panels round it so that the baby cannot fall out
A cot is a narrow bed, usually made of canvas fitted over a frame which can be folded up. cotangent
A crib (childs bed)
Chain of Trust Agreement
The stretcher-like carrier used to remove deceased persons from the place of death to the funeral home
A simple bed, especially one for portable or temporary purposes
Consecutive Oversea Tour
Certificate of Transportation Futures issued by Railroads to grain customers as a guarantee to present empty covered hoppers for loading at a specific location with the option to lock in a price If the railroad does not deliver the railcar at the prescribed location and time, it pays a penalty at a rate specified in the COT
continuity testing
a small bed that folds up for storage or transport
Central Office Terminal
cot death
The unexplained death of a baby, usually while sleeping
cot deaths
plural form of cot death
cot-caught merger
A phonemic merger in some varieties of English (especially American and Canadian English) in which the vowels in words such as "hot" and "doll" and in words such as "law" and "talk" are pronounced identically, making the words "cot" and "caught" homophones
An effeminate man
cot death
sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep
cot death
Cot death is the sudden death of a baby while it is asleep, although the baby had not previously been ill. Sudden infant death syndrome. the sudden and unexpected death of a baby while it is sleeping American Equivalent: crib death
cot death
(British) SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, suffocation of a baby while sleeping in a crib
Consumer Off-The-Shelf (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) Refers to ready-made merchandise that is available for sale, defined by market need, significant functionality and complexity, and self-contained
three hots and a cot
three hots and a cot
A cot
portable carrying case
Commercial off-the-shelf, commercially available products that can be purchased and integrated with little or no customization, thus facilitating customer infrastructure expansion and reducing costs
"Commercial off the shelf" The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia defines as "ready made merchandise that is available for sale" Vitalnet is a COTS solution for analyzing and disseminating health data
Commercial off the Shelf
Commercial Of The Shelf Components which can be bought by anyone and are typically advertized in trade magazines and journals such as Computer Shopper and PC Magazine
Commercial 0ff-the-shelf tools SNDCF Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Function
Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software – a pre-packaged application purchased from a software vendor
plural of cot
Commercial off-the-shelf (software, computer systems)
Commercial off-the-shelf (often used in reference to software)
An acronym representing "Commercial Off-The Shelf" systems COTS software includes all mass marketed commercial software applications This software is either used as is, or moderately personalized within the bounds of the application’s ability to be readily altered without changing its original functionality (e g , modifying its appearance) All commercially marketed software authored and distributed by Microsoft Corporation, Lotus Development, and other such organizations falls into the COTS category The term COTS may also be applied to pre-configured hardware (See Custom Systems)
Commercially-off-the-shelf Usually refers to software packages or systems implemented in a company
"Commercial off the shelf" software
Commercial Off the Shelf Software
commercial off-the-shelf; commercially available products that can be purchased and integrated with little or no customization, thus facilitating customer infrastructure expansion and reducing costs
n Commercial Off The Shelf A government purchasing term requiring commercial availability of products bought on contract An attempt to avoid "cost-plus contract" minded defense contractors from making custom systems that only they can maintain
Commercial Off-The-Shelf
commercial, off-the-shelf software