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an angled relief or cut at an edge added for a finished appearance and to break sharp edges
to cut off the edge or corner of something; to bevel
to cut a groove in something; to flute
an edge or end bevel that does not go all the way
A corner or edge that is cut at an angle or beveled
The conical feature at the end of the rivet nut shank The chamfer makes the fastener easier to place in the installation hole
The surface made when the sharp edge of a stone block or a piece of wood is cut away, usually at an angle of 45-degrees to the other two surfaces
To cut a furrow in, as in a column; to groove; to channel; to flute
A beveled edge or corner, such as one cut at a 45 degree angle (see figure, right)
To make a chamfer on
an oblique surface cut on the edge or corner of a board, usually sloping at forty-five degrees
Surface made by smoothing off the angle between two stone faces
cut a furrow into a columns
To bevel a sharp external edge To cut a line across two linear elements, connecting the elements and modifying either one or both of the original elements A planar transition between two faces of a solid
To bevel or slope an edge or corner
The cutting of stone at an angle to give expansion to a window or door rather than leaving just a squared-off opening (i e , planed-off edges)
two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees
cut a bevel on; shape to a bevel; "bevel the surface"
A beveled edge, technically one of 45 degrees
To bevel the inside of a case mouth The bevel allows bullets to start into the case mouth without crushing the case
A beveled edge
The flat surface formed by cutting off a sharp corner, usually at an angle of 45 degrees
A bevelled edge made on a corner of a workpiece at 45 degrees
A beveled edge on a fastener The chamfer angle is measured from the normal to the axis of the fastener
surface made by cutting across the square angle of a stone block, piece of wood, etc , at an angle of 45° to the other two surfaces
A beveled surface to eliminate an otherwise sharp corner
{f} cut a sloping edge, bevel
A simple bevel done for embellishment of a timber
{i} slope, slanted edge
The surface formed by cutting away the arris, or angle, formed by two faces of a piece of timber, stone, etc
A bevel, a corner or edge removed, a relief
A beveled or sloping edge (typically 45°) to reduce the sharp intersection of two faces
Corner of a board beveled at a 45angle Two board butt-jointed with chamfered edges form a V-joint
A sloping or bevelled edge
chamfer bit
a bit that is used for beveling
chamfer plane
a plane that makes a beveled edge
A chamfer
past of chamfer








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    [ 'cham(p)-f&r, 'cham-p& ] (transitive verb.) circa 1573. back-formation from chamfering, alteration of Middle French chanfreint, from past participle of chanfraindre to bevel, from chant edge + fraindre to break, from Latin frangere; more at CANT, BREAK.


    chamfering, chamfered

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