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{s} artistik

Bu şimdiye kadar çektiğim en artistik resim. - It is the most artistic picture I have ever taken.

Tom oldukça artistik. - Tom is quite artistic.

{s} güzel sanatlarla ilgili
sanatsal yönü olan
sanatçı ruhuna sahip
sanat yönü olan

Babam sanatsallıktan uzaktır. - My father is far from artistic.

Bahçenin sanatsal güzelliği gerçekten şaşırtıcı. - The artistic beauty of the garden is truly amazing.

güzel sanatlaraartistically sanatkârca
sanatkârane bir şekilde
{s} sanatçı ruhuna sahip, sanatsal yönü olan: She is also artistic. Onun sanat yönü de var
estetik güzellie sahip
{s} sanatçı ruhlu

Tom son derece sanatçı ruhlu. - Tom is extremely artistic.

Sanırım Tom sanatçı ruhlu. - I think Tom is artistic.

{s} sanatkârane, sanatlı
{i} sanatçı

Onun yetenekli bir sanatçı olduğundan şüphe etmeye yer yok. - There is no room to doubt that he is a gifted artist.

Japonya'daki en büyük sanatçılardan biridir. - He is one of the greatest artists in Japan.


Tom iyi bir polis ressamı olan birini tanıdığını söylüyor. - Tom says he knows someone who's a good sketch artist.

Ressama benim portremi yaptırdım. - I had the artist paint my portrait.

{i} sanatkâr
artistic activities
(Eğitim) sanatsal etkinlikler
artistic gymnastics
(Spor) artistik jimnastik
artistic creation
sanatsal yaratıcılık
artistic dancing
artistik dans
artistic production
sanat eseri
artistic licence
sanatsal lisans
artistic skill
sanatsal yetenek
artistic anatomy
(Tıp) sanatsal anatomi
artistic design
(Tekstil) artistik desen
artistic performance
icracı sanatçı
artistic photography
sanatsal fotoğrafçılık
argo düzenbaz kimse
sanatçı, karikatür sitesinden çok sayıda sanatsal karikatürü ücretsiz indirebilir, kullanabilirsiniz
literary and artistic works
fikir ve sanat eserleri
işinde çok başarılı kimse
artistik bir biçimde
sanatsal olarak
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Güzel sanatlardan birini meslek edinen kimse, sanatçı, sanatkâr
Eğlence yerlerinde gösteri yapan kimse
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
aesthetically pleasing
having or revealing creative skill
relating to or characteristic of art or artists
satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities; "artistic workmanship" relating to or characteristic of art or artists; "his artistic background
Artistic means relating to art or artists. the campaign for artistic freedom. their 1,300 year old artistic traditions. + artistically ar·tis·ti·cal·ly artistically gifted children Artistically, the photographs are stunning
aesthetically pleasing; "an artistic flower arrangement"
Taking enjoyment from or skillful in painting, drawing, music or sculpture Able to co-ordinate colour, design and texture for pleasing effects
Someone who is artistic is good at drawing or painting, or arranging things in a beautiful way. They encourage boys to be sensitive and artistic Mary's got it all so nice -- you remember how artistic she always was with colors
Artistic income is income from the sale of paintings, sculptures, works of art, copyrights and designs Artistic income may be spread backwards for two or three years; copyright payments may be spread over the period of the agreement up to a maximum of six years
An artistic design or arrangement is beautiful. an artistic arrangement of stone paving. + artistically ar·tis·ti·cal·ly artistically carved garden ornaments
{s} aesthetic, meeting the standards of art
Of or pertaining to art or to artists; made in the manner of an artist; conformable to art; characterized by art; showing taste or skill
relating to or characteristic of art or artists; "his artistic background
satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities; "artistic workmanship"
Total cash payments for employee salaries, wages and benefits for artistic directors, directors, conductors, curators, dance masters, composers, choreographers, designers, filmmakers, instructors, writers and other artists Etc
Taking enjoyment from or skillful in painting, drawing, music, or sculpture Able to coordinate colour, design, and texture for pleasing effects
relating to or characteristic of art or artists; "his artistic background"
to do with the arts
artistic licence
Any departure from convention or from factual accuracy taken by an artist to achieve a desired effect
artistic license
Alternative spelling of artistic licence
artistic revolution
An abrupt change from one art movement to another
artistic rendering
Rendering in visual art and technical drawing means the process of creating, shading and texturing of an image, especially a photorealistic one. It can also be used to describe the quality of execution of that process. This is synonymous with illustrating
artistic inclinations
creative ability, artistic talent, liking for the arts
artistic movement
{i} art movement, bunch of artists who agree on general rules and principles; style in art seen in the works of a several of artists
artistic movement
a group of artists who agree on general principles
artistic program
program with artistic content
artistic style
the style of a particular artist or school or movement; "an imaginative orchestral idiom
artistic talents
creative ability, artistic ability
artistic work
Under statutory licence, an entire artistic work can be copied if
artistic work
includes paintings, drawings, maps, charts, plans, photographs, engravings, sculptures, works of artistic craftsmanship and architectural works or art
artistic work
Visual representation such as a painting, drawing, map, photograph, sculpture, engraving or architectural plan

Nature, to shew that nothing is savage in whatsoever she produceth, causeth oftentimes, even in rudest and most unarted nations, productions of spirits to arise, that confront and wrestle with the most artist productions.

A person who creates art
{n} a person professing or skilled in an art
A waste of space
{i} one who creates works of art (paintings, sculptures, etc.)
An artist is a performer such as a musician, actor, or dancer. a popular artist who has sold millions of records
One who practices an art in which imagination and taste presides over the execution This is not deemed to include the business of teaching the mechanics of the art
In Europe, this refers to cards of actors and actresses In America, it refers to illustrators
An attribute which may be used in the Recording and Source elements to specify the name of the recording artist
The name of the individual or group who made the work that is the subject of the record e g Lawrence Beck for Punk Bear Spirit
A practicing fine artist who is not necessarily a resident of the Kansas City metro area Generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability The artist may not be a member of the project architectural firm
To be an artist is often to give yourself permission to do things which you think are not allowed Get inspired from people around you, share, make "mistakes", look at what are others peoples doing, do something even if you don't have the perfect skills to do it (if its fun for you!) But most of all, don't judge yourself, the only "mistake" you can do is to judge yourself!
An artful person; a schemer
This term is used to apply to any practitioner in the arts, not limited to visual arts
a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
A person who is skilled at some activity
An artist is someone who draws or paints pictures or creates sculptures as a job or a hobby. Each poster is signed by the artist I'm not a good artist
An artist is somebody who draws, paints or produces other works of art
One who shows trained skill or rare taste in any manual art or occupation
One who professes and practices an art in which science and taste preside over the manual execution
The artist is usually listed first i e Hunting scene by Henry Alken The artist painted or drew the original picture He or she may or may not have been involved in the print making process (Del, Pinx) Sometimes the original might be redrawn- i e Hunting scene by Smith after Henry Alken
A person who creates art as an occupation
An artist is a person who creates novels, poems, films, or other things which can be considered as works of art. His books are enormously easy to read, yet he is a serious artist
The Entertainer
One who makes art
The traditional skills of fine artists like painters or sculptors in visually defining and describing objects is a core influence on the work of the designer for industry Designers in Britain in the early years of the 20th century were called commercial artists
If you say that someone is an artist at a particular activity, you mean they are very skilled at it. He is an exceptional footballer --- an artist
One who practices some mechanic art or craft; an artisan
in an artistic manner; "it was artistically decorated"
in an artistic manner; "it was artistically decorated
In an artistic manner
from an artistic point of view; aesthetically
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