all the way

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الإنجليزية - التركية
başından sonuna kadar
yol boyunca

Tren o kadar kalabalıktı ki ben bütün yol boyunca ayakta durmak zorunda kaldım. - The train was so crowded that I had to keep standing all the way.

Tom yol boyunca Boston'dan geldi. - Tom came all the way from Boston.

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yolun sonuna kadar
mümkün olduğu kadar
all the ways
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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To the end
throughout the entire way, all along; until the end, until the conclusion
The act of completing a game with all strikes from a given point in the game See also "off the sheet" or "XXX'ed out"
Finishing a game from any point with nothing but strikes
completely; "read the book clear to the end"; "slept clear through the night"; "there were open fields clear to the horizon"
to the goal; "she climbed the mountain all the way"
not stopping short of sexual intercourse; "she went all the way with him"
not stopping short of sexual intercourse; "she went all the way with him
all the way

    التركية النطق

    ôl dhi wey


    /ˈôl ᴛʜē ˈwā/ /ˈɔːl ðiː ˈweɪ/

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    [ 'ol ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English all, al, from Old English eall; akin to Old High German all all.


    ... all the way down to the provinces, where leaders demonstrate--leaders and institutions demonstrate ...
    ... There are Arab traders who are traveling all the way ...

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