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İngilizce - İngilizce
Loosely, release from earthly life, ascension to heaven; death

Bear thee grimly, demigod! Up from the spray of thy ocean-perishing — straight up, leaps thy apotheosis!.

The fact or action of becoming a god; deification

As a former mortal who underwent apotheosis, Hercules was important to the emperors.

A glorified example or ideal; the apex or pinnacle (of a concept or belief)

In his despair he had nowhere to turn. It is the very apotheosis of the place and the time.

Glorification, exaltation; crediting someone with extraordinary power or status

Thereafter, the caterpillar achieved a sort of posthumous apotheosis. From local authority to the Dorchester magistrates, from the Dorchester magistrates to a Divisional Court presided over by the Lord Chief Justice of England, from the Lord Chief Justice to the House of Lords, the immolated insect has at length plodded its methodical way to the highest tribunal in the land.

The latent entity that mediates between a person's psyche and their thoughts. The id, ego and superego in Freudian Psychology are examples of this
The elevation of a mortal to deity
model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal
the elevation of a person (as to the status of a god)
n the elevation of human to the rank of a god : the raising of a person or thing to divine status : deification
\uh-pah-thee-OH-sis; ap-uh-THEE-uh-sis\, noun plural apotheoses \-seez\: 1 Elevation to divine rank or stature; deification 2 An exalted or glorified example; a model of excellence or perfection of a kind
A glorified example, the apex of perfection
If something is the apotheosis of something else, it is an ideal or typical example of it. The Oriental in Bangkok is the apotheosis of the grand hotel. = epitome
The act of elevating a mortal to the rank of, and placing him among, "the gods;"
{i} elevation to high status; deification; ideal example
glorification, sometimes to a divine level; deification; crediting a person with god-like power
If you describe an event or a time as someone's apotheosis, you mean that it was the high point in their career or their life. That night was Richard's apotheosis. Elevation to the status of a god. The term recognizes that some individuals cross the dividing line between human and divine. Ancient Greek religion was disposed to belief in heroes and demigods, and historical figures were sometimes worshiped as gods. Until the end of the republic the Romans accepted only one apotheosis, identifying the god Quirinus with Romulus. The emperor Augustus ordered Julius Caesar recognized as a god and thus began a tradition of deifying emperors
Glorification; exaltation
Becoming a deity
The act of elevating a mortal to the rank of, and placing him among, "the gods;" deification
Specifically the event where Hercules became a deity and ascended to Mt. Olympos
exalt, glorify
deify or glorify
plural of apotheosis
{f} idolize, worship, deify, raise to the level of a deity, glorify (also apotheosise)
To exalt to the dignity of a deity; to declare to be a god; to deify; to glorify



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    /əˌpäᴛʜēˈōsəs/ /əˌpɑːθiːˈoʊsəs/


    () From Ancient Greek ἀποθέωσις, from verb ἀποθεόω (“deify”) (factitive verb formed from θεός (“God”) with intensive prefix ἀπο-).