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Türkçe - Türkçe
Çocuğunu dünyaya getiren kadın, ana
Yavrusu olan dişi hayvan
(Osmanlı Dönemi) vâlide
anne olmak
çocuk sahibi olmak
üvey anne
Öz olmayan anne, analık

1. "Bunlar ekseriya üvey ana elinden kaçmış sakin çocuklar."- S. F. Abasıyanık. 2. "Üvey anası ona bir kurtarıcı gibi geldi."- T. Buğra.

büyük anne
Annenin veya babanın annesi, nine, nene
cici anne
Bazı çocukların, büyük annelerine veya o yaştaki kadın yakınlarına verdikleri ad
cici anne
Üvey ana, üvey anne
üvey anne
Üvey ana
İngilizce - İngilizce
A female given name

Oh, it makes such a difference. It looks so much nicer. When you hear a name pronounced can't you always see it in your mind, just as if it was printed out? I can, and A-n-n looks dreadful, but A-n-n-e looks so much more distinguished. --.

A male given name
very, rare, given name, male, from Germanic
used interchangably with Ann since the Middle Ages
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1702-1714). The last monarch of the Stuart line, she was also the last English ruler to exercise the royal veto over Parliament (1707). born Feb. 6, 1665, London, Eng. died Aug. 1, 1714, London Queen of Great Britain (1702-14) and the last Stuart monarch. Second daughter of James II, who was overthrown by William III in 1688, Anne became queen on William's death (1702). Though she wished to rule independently, her intellectual limitations and poor health led her to rely on advisers, including the duke of Marlborough. Her reign was marked by the Act of Union with Scotland (1707) and by bitter rivalries between Whigs and Tories. Because she never gave birth to a successor, the regency passed to the Hanoverian descendants of James I. Anne Boleyn Anne of Austria Anne of Brittany Anne of Cleves Bradstreet Anne Anne Dudley Camargo Marie Anne de Cupis de Corday d'Armont Marie Anne Charlotte Ferraro Geraldine Anne Hébert Anne Hutchinson Anne Anne Marbury Montmorency Anne duke de Alice Anne Laidlaw Phoebe Anne Moses Porter Katherine Anne Queen Anne's lace Queen Anne style Queen Anne's War Royall Anne Newport Anne Newport Sexton Anne Anne Gray Harvey Turgot Anne Robert Jacques baron de l'Aulne Tyler Anne Anne Louise Germaine Necker Baroness de Staë l Holstein
{i} female first name
Women in labor, Cabinet Makers, Horsemen, Housekeepers, Housewives
Sister Anne Sister of Fatima, the seventh and last of Bluebeard's wives
Anne Marie
A female given name
Anne Bancroft
{i} (1931-2005, born as Anna Maria Italiano), United States actress who starred in the 1967 movie "The Graduate" (wife of Mel Brooks)
Anne Boleyn
(1507-1536) second wife of Henry VIII, mother of Queen Elizabeth I
Anne Boleyn
the second wife of the English king Henry VIII, who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I (1507-36). born 1507? died May 19, 1536, London, Eng. British royal consort. After spending part of her childhood in France, Anne lived at the court of Henry VIII, who soon fell in love with her and began secret proceedings to rid himself of his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. For six years Pope Clement VII refused to grant an annulment. In 1533 Henry and Anne were secretly married, and Henry had the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, annul his previous marriage. Anne gave birth to the future Elizabeth I but failed to produce the male heir Henry wanted. He lost interest in her, and in 1536 he had her imprisoned on questionable charges of adultery and incest. She was convicted and beheaded
Anne Bradstreet
orig. Anne Dudley born 1612, Northampton, Northhamptonshire?, Eng. died Sept. 16, 1672, Andover, Massachusetts Bay Colony English-born American poet, one of the first poets of the American colonies. At age 18 she sailed from England with her husband, her parents, and other Puritans to settle on Massachusetts Bay. She wrote many of her poems while rearing eight children. Without her knowledge, her brother-in-law took her poems to England, where they were published in 1650. She won critical acceptance in the 20th century, particularly for "Contemplations," a sequence of religious poems first published in the mid 19th century. Her prose works include "Meditations," a collection of aphorisms
Anne Bronte
{i} (1820-1849) English author of novels, youngest of the Bronte sisters (sister of Charlotte and Emily)
Anne Frank
a Jewish girl who wrote a famous diary, in which she describes her life while she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam. The family was eventually discovered, and sent to the Nazi concentration camp of Belsen, where most of them died (1929-45). born June 12, 1929, Frankfurt am Main, Ger. died March 1945, Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, near Hannover German diarist. Frank was a young Jewish girl who kept a record of the two years her family spent in hiding in Amsterdam to escape Nazi persecution. After their discovery by the Gestapo in 1944, the family was transported to concentration camps; Anne died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen. Friends searching the hiding place found her diary, which her father published as The Diary of a Young Girl (1947). Precocious in style and insight, it traces her emotional growth amid adversity and is a classic of war literature
Anne Frank
{i} (1929-1945) young German Jewish girl who kept a diary while she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Holland (she was eventually captured and died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp)
Anne Hathaway
{i} (born 1982) USA movie actress
Anne Hathaway
the wife of William Shakespeare (?1557-1623)
Anne Hathaway
{i} (1557-1623) wife of William Shakespeare
Anne Hutchinson
(1591-1643) USA settler and religious leader, Puritan settler in the New World who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for promoting religious heresy
Anne Hutchinson
orig. Anne Marbury (baptized July 20, 1591, Alford, Lincolnshire, Eng. died August or September 1643, Pelham Bay, N.Y.) Anglo-American religious leader. In 1612 she married William Hutchinson, and they followed John Cotton to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634. She organized weekly meetings of Boston women to discuss recent sermons and to express their own theological views. Before long, ministers and magistrates were attracted to her sessions, at which she criticized the narrow Puritan orthodoxy and espoused a "covenant of grace." Her opponents accused her of believing that God's grace had freed Christians from the need to observe established moral precepts. Tried for "traducing the ministers," she was sentenced to banishment; refusing to recant, she was excommunicated. In 1638 she and her husband established a colony at Aquidneck Island, which became part of Rhode Island
Anne Newport Royall
orig. Anne Newport born June 11, 1769, New Baltimore, Md. died Oct. 1, 1854, Washington, D.C., U.S. U.S. writer, generally considered the nation's first newspaperwoman. Royall journeyed across the country and during 1826-31 published 10 accounts of her travels, which remain valuable sources of social history. An eccentric and acerbic woman, she was convicted in Washington, D.C., in 1829 of being a "common scold," the result of her antagonism to a local Presbyterian church. In 1831 she began to publish her outspoken and controversial views on various subjects in her Washington newspaper, Paul Pry (1831-36), which was succeeded by The Huntress (1836-54)
Anne Rice
{i} (born 1941) United States author of dark fantasy and horror books, author of "Interview With The Vampire
Anne Sexton
orig. Anne Gray Harvey born Nov. 9, 1928, Newton, Mass., U.S. died Oct. 4, 1974, Weston, Mass. U.S. poet. She worked as a model, librarian, and teacher. Her first book of poetry, To Bedlam and Part Way Back (1960), examines her mental breakdowns and subsequent recoveries with confessional intensity. She continued probing her personal life in All My Pretty Ones (1962) and Live or Die (1966, Pulitzer Prize). Her other works include the nonfiction collection No Evil Star (1985). She died a suicide. Several volumes of poetry were published posthumously
Anne Tyler
born Oct. 25, 1941, Minneapolis, Minn., U.S. U.S. writer. Tyler worked as a bibliographer and librarian before settling in Baltimore in 1967 and beginning to write full-time. Her novels, comedies of manner marked by compassionate wit and precise details of domestic life, include Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant (1982), The Accidental Tourist (1985; film, 1988), Breathing Lessons (1988, Pulitzer Prize), and A Patchwork Planet (1998). Several focus on eccentric middle-class people living in chaotic, disunited families in Baltimore
Anne duke de Montmorency
born March 15, 1493, Chantilly, France died Nov. 12, 1567, Paris French soldier and constable of France. Named for his godmother, Queen Anne of Brittany, he served three kings Francis I, Henry II, and Charles IX in war and peace. He fought in numerous wars in northern Italy and southern France against Emperor Charles V and in campaigns against the Huguenots. In 1529 he helped negotiate the Peace of Cambrai between France and Charles V. He was created constable of France in 1538, and he became a duke and peer in 1551. Wounded at the Battle of Saint-Denis, he died two days later
Anne of Austria
Wife of Louis XIII of France and regent (1643-1661) for her son Louis XIV. born Sept. 22, 1601, Valladolid, Spain died Jan. 20, 1666, Paris, France Queen consort (1615-43) of Louis XIII of France and regent (1643-51) for her son Louis XIV. Daughter of Philip III of Spain and Margaret of Austria, Anne married the 14-year-old Louis XIII in 1615. He treated her coolly, and the powerful cardinal de Richelieu attempted to limit her influence over her husband. After Louis XIII died and she was declared sole regent, she strove to ensure that her son would succeed to the absolute power Richelieu had won for Louis XIII. Together with her first minister, Cardinal Mazarin, she faced the series of revolts known as the Fronde. Her regency ended in 1651, when Louis XIV was proclaimed of age to rule
Anne of Brittany
born Jan. 25, 1477, Nantes, France died Jan. 9, 1514, Blois Duchess of Brittany and twice queen consort of France. After succeeding to her father's duchy in 1488, Anne allied herself with Maximilian I of Austria. She was then forced to break with him and in 1491 marry Charles VIII of France, thus beginning the process of the union of Brittany with the French crown. After Charles's death (1498), she married his successor, Louis XII. Throughout her life Anne devoted herself to safeguarding Brittany's autonomy within the kingdom
Anne of Cleves
Queen of England (January-July 1540) as the fourth wife of Henry VIII. a European princess of the duchy of Cleves, who became the fourth wife of the English king Henry VIII in 1540. They were divorced after six months (1515-1557). born Sept. 22, 1515 died July 16, 1557, London, Eng. Fourth wife of Henry VIII of England. Henry married Anne, whom he found homely, to form an alliance with her brother William, duke of Cleves, a leader of the Protestants of western Germany. The alliance, arranged by Thomas Cromwell, seemed necessary because it appeared that the major Roman Catholic powers, France and the Holy Roman Empire, intended to attack Protestant England. When that threat dissipated, the marriage became a political embarrassment and was annulled by an Anglican convocation in 1540
Anne of Green Gables
a children's novel by L. M. Montgomery about a girl called Anne Shirley who is adopted by an older lady and her brother and goes to live on Prince Edward Island in Canada, during the late 1800s
Anne-Robert-Jacques baron de l'Aulne Turgot
born , May 10, 1727, Paris, France died March 18, 1781, Paris French administrator and economist. He entered the royal administrative branch of the magistracy in 1753, then became intendant (governor) of Limoges (1761-74), where he instituted economic and administrative reforms. A physiocrat, in 1766 he wrote his best-known work, Reflections on the Formation and Distribution of Wealth. In 1774 he was appointed comptroller general by Louis XVI and introduced his Six Edicts to expand economic reforms. His effort to abolish the corvée (unpaid forced labour by peasants) was opposed by the privileged classes, and he was dismissed in 1776
artificial neural network
A female given name

Must I remind you that Ann is also my middle name?.

A female given name, one of the 20th century spelling variants of Joanne
Queen Anne
Of the style (of architecture, furniture, etc.) popular during the reign of Queen Anne

We inherited our Queen Anne chairs from my wife's family.

Queen Anne
Queen Anne of Great Britain (reigned 1702-1714)
Queen Anne
A small town in Maryland, USA
Queen Anne
A style of architecture, furniture, etc. popular during the reign of Queen Anne
Queen Anne's Bounty
A fund, set up in the early 18th century, to financially assist the poor members of the clergy
Queen Anne's lace
A flowering plant, species Daucus carota, especially the flowering part of the plant
Answer, No Charge
{i} female name
One of the aliens in Sailor Moon R
Abbreviation; = Artificial Neural Network
A peninsula of northeast Massachusetts projecting into the Atlantic Ocean northeast of Gloucester. Ann Arbor Ann Cape Mary Ann Evans Landers Ann Lee Ann Ann Clare Boothe Radcliffe Ann Ann Ward Seton Saint Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Ann Bayley
An abbreviation sometimes used for artificial neural networks
The mother of Virgin Mary in apocryphal gospels ( also Anne and Anna)
popular since fourteenth century, today a very common middle name
abbr Announcement
Diary of Anne Frank
the diary (=book in which you write down your thoughts, experiences etc each day) written by Anne Frank when she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II. It was published after her death in a concentration camp, and it has been made into a play and film
Geraldine Anne Ferraro
born Aug. 26, 1935, Newburgh, N.Y., U.S. U.S. politician. She received her law degree from Fordham University Law School in 1960 and was admitted to the New York bar in 1961. She practiced law in New York until 1974, when she became assistant U.S. district attorney. In 1978 she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat. In 1984 the Democratic Party nominated her for vice president on a ticket with Walter Mondale; she thereby became the first woman to be nominated for vice president by a major U.S. political party. In 1992 and 1998 she ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate
Katherine Anne Porter
born May 15, 1890, Indian Creek, Texas, U.S. died Sept. 18, 1980, Silver Spring, Md. U.S. writer. She worked as a journalist in Chicago and Denver, Colo., before leaving in 1920 for Mexico, the setting of several of her stories. Her collections include Flowering Judas (1930), her first and most popular; Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939), a set of three novellas; and Collected Short Stories (1965, Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award). Her stories have a richness of texture and complexity of character delineation usually achieved only in the novel. Ship of Fools (1962) is her only novel
Marie -Anne de Cupis de Camargo
born April 15, 1710, Brussels, Spanish Netherlands died April 20, 1770, Paris, Fr. French ballerina. She made her Paris Opéra debut in 1726 and went on to dance in 78 ballets and operas before her retirement in 1751. Admired for her speed and agility, she executed jumping steps previously performed only by male dancers, shortening her skirts and removing the heels from her slippers to enable her do so. Her name was adopted in 1930 by a British ballet group, the Camargo Society
Marie-Anne- Charlotte Corday d'Armont
born July 27, 1768, Saint-Saturnin, near Séez, Normandy, France died July 17, 1793, Paris French political activist. A noblewoman from Caen, she moved to Paris to work for the Girondin cause in the French Revolution. Horrified at the excesses of the Reign of Terror, she sought an interview with Jean-Paul Marat, one of its leaders. On July 13, 1793, she stabbed him through the heart while he was in his bath. Arrested on the spot, she was convicted by the Revolutionary Tribunal and guillotined
Princess Anne
the second child and only daughter of the British queen, Elizabeth II. Her official title is The Princess Royal (1950-). Anne, Princess
Queen Anne
The style in English architecture and furniture typical of the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714). the queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1702 to 1714 and the daughter of James II (1665-1714)
Queen Anne is Dead
this is old news!
Queen Anne style
A style of architecture and furniture reviving elements of Queen Anne design, popular especially in England in the late 19th century. Style of English decorative arts that reached its apex during the reign (1702-14) of Queen Anne. The most distinctive feature of Queen Anne furniture is the cabriole leg, shaped in a double curve (the upper part convex, the lower concave) and ending in either a claw-and-ball or paw foot. The Queen Anne chair is identifiable by a splat back curved to fit the hollow of the spine. The wood used was almost exclusively walnut, often embellished with marquetry, inlay, veneering, and lacquerwork. Ornamentation motifs include scallop shells, scrolls, Asian figures, and animals
Queen Anne's War
(1702-1713) one of the French and Indian wars, second of a series British and French colonial wars fought in North America (U.S. History)
Queen Anne's War
(1702-13) Second in a series of wars between Britain and France for control of North America. It was the American phase of the War of the Spanish Succession. American colonial settlements along the New York and New England borders with Canada were raided by French forces and their Indian allies. The British capture of Port Royal (1710) resulted in French-held Acadia's becoming the British province of Nova Scotia. Under the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Britain also acquired Newfoundland and the Hudson Bay region from France
Queen Anne's lace
A widely naturalized Eurasian herb (Daucus carota var. carota) having white, nonfleshy, fusiform compound umbels of small white or yellowish flowers. Also called wild carrot. or wild carrot Bristly biennial (Daucus carota) of the parsley family, native to Eurasia but now found almost worldwide. An ancestor of the cultivated carrot, it grows 5 ft (1.5 m) tall and has divided, long, feathery leaves. Flat-topped clusters (umbels) of white or pink flowers have a single dark-purple flower in the center and resemble lace. The enlarged root is edible but very bitter, and the ribbed fruits have sharp spines
A half years's stipend, over and above what is owing for the incumbency, due to a minister's heirs after his decease
queen anne
A style of Dutch-influenced furniture developed in England in the early part of the 18th century Characterized by extensive use of upholstery, marquetry, Oriental fabrics; simple, graceful lines and cabriole legs
queen anne
A term used here to describe furniture styles of the early 18th century: Queen Anne reigned between 1702 and 1714; the styles continued until the 1720's
queen anne
The style period from 1700-1730 Characterized by the introduction of the cabriole leg and sinuous curves The English Queen Anne period was earlier and shorter than the American period of the same name
queen anne
English decorative style during the reign of Queen Anne (early seventeen hundreds) typified by furniture with curved backs and legs, and Chinese-inspired claw-and ball feet and lacquer work
queen anne
A major furniture style of the 18th century, a period rich in innovative design Graceful and elegant, the style (named after the 18th century English monarch) is characterized by curved lines such as cabriole legs, broken scroll pediments and rounded aprons in tables and lowboys
queen anne
Popular in the late nineteenth century, Queen Anne style focused on a combination of English motifs and displayed a mixture of different textures and materials
Türkçe - İngilizce
{i} mother

Mother always gets up early in the morning. - Anne her zaman sabahları erken kalkar.

The baby needs its mother. - Bebeğin annesine ihtiyacı vardır.

{s} maternal

Maternal love is the greatest thing. - Anne sevgisi en muhteşem şeydir.

My mother's father is my maternal grandfather. - Annemin babası, anne tarafından dedemdir.


Mom was innocent enough to ask him: Would you like any more beer? - Annem yeteri kadar masum bir halde Biraz daha bira ister misin? diye sordu.

Mom made a cake for my birthday. - Annem doğum günüm için bir pasta yaptı.


Mama had a crippled face. - Anne felçli bir yüze sahipti.

Mama, Tom won't gimme back my toy! - Anne, Tom benim oyuncağımı geri vermeyecek!

mother, ma, mum, mummy, momma, mommy, mom, mammy
mum; old woman

On TV we saw Mummy's office in flames. - Televizyonda annemizin bürosunu alevler içinde gördük.

Mummy, where's my hanky? - Anne, mendilim nerede?


Mammy, you are an exploiter! - Anne, sen bir sömürücüsün!

How many eggs did mammy buy? - Annen kaç tane yumurta aldı?

old lady

Maternal love is the greatest thing. - Anne sevgisi en muhteşem şeydir.

Maternal love is greater than anything else. - Anne sevgisi her şeyden daha büyüktür.


Mama, is it okay if I go swimming? - Yüzmeye gidebilir miyim, anne?

How many eggs did mammy buy? - Annen kaç tane yumurta aldı?


Your mamma's so fat, she'd break London Bridge. - Senin annen o kadar şişmanki, Londra Köprüsü'nü çökertiyordu.

{i} mum

Mum! Can you pass me the toilet paper? - Anne! Bana tuvalet kağıdını uzatabilir misin?

When you speak Shanghainese with your mum, I only understand a few words, so I can't join in the conversation. - Annenle Şangayca konuştuğun zaman sadece çok az kelime anlayabiliyorum, bu yüzden de konuşmaya katılamayacağım.

old woman
{i} maw
anne baba
anne tarafından
anne ve baba

She got married without her parents knowing it. - O, anne ve babasının bilgisi olmadan evlendi.

She was well brought up by her parents. - O, anne ve babası tarafından iyi yetiştirildi.

anne, baba
anne gibi davranmak
anne (ile ilgili)
anne adayı
anne adayı
expectant mother
anne karnındaki bebek
anne karnındaki yavru
anne olmak
become mother
anne olmak
become a mother
anne oğul
mother and son
anne sevgisi
maternal love
anne sevgisi
maternal instincts
anne sevgisi
maternal drive
anne sevgisi
anne sevgisi
motherly love
anne sütü
(Tıp) human milk
anne sütü ile beslenme
(Tıp) breast feeding
anne tarafı
anne ve oğlu
mother and son
anne ve çocuk
mother and child
anne gibi bakmak
anne karnı
mother's womb
anne kızlık soyadı
mother's maiden name
anne adayı olmak
be an expectant mother
anne adayı olmak
mum to be
anne adı
mother's day
anne baba adı
parents names
anne baba katili
anne baba korkusu
fear of parents
anne baba sevgisi
parental love
anne babanın duyduğu korku
parental fear
anne babası çalışan çocuk
latchkey child
anne babası çalışan çocuk
door key child
anne babasız
anne babasızlık
anne babaya saygı
filial piety
anne gibi
anne gibi
anne hayvan
anne kökenli
(Dilbilim) matronymic
anne olmak
to become a mother
anne olmak isteyen
(Argo) clucky
anne sevgisi
mother love
anne soyundan gelen
anne sütü
anne tarafından
anne tarafından akraba
anne tarafından olan
anne tarafından olan
anne tarafıyla ilgili
anne tavuğun civcivlerini çağırması
anne ve bebek
mom and baby
anne ve çocuk ilişkileri
mother-child relationship
anne yoksunluğu sendromu
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) maternal deprivation syndome
anne öldürme
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) matricide
anne ölümü
(Hukuk) maternal mortality
anne, baba ve çocuktan oluşan aile
a mother and their children
anne, baba ve çocuktan oluşan aile
family unit consisting of a father
anne, baba ve çocuktan oluşan aile
nuclear family
bekar anne
single mother
hamile anne
expectant mom
vekil anne
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) surrogate mother

Mothers often pamper their children. - Anneler çoğunlukla çocuklarını şımartırlar.

Would all the mothers please wait here? - Tüm anneler lütfen burada bekler misiniz?


All moms should breastfeed their kids. - Bütün anneler çocuklarını emzirmeli.

All moms should breastfeed their children. - Bütün anneler çocuklarını emzirmeli.

baba anne
father mother
üvey anne

A few years ago, on Mother's Day, I gave my stepmother a locket as a present. - Birkaç yıl önce, anneler gününde, bir madalyonu üvey anneme hediye olarak verdim.

Mary is Tom's stepmother. - Mary Tom'un üvey annesidir.

bebek emziren anne
nursing mother
evlât edinen anne baba
adoptive parents
süt anne
wet nurse
süt anne
nursing mother
süt anne
foster mother
öz anne
one's own mother
üvey ana/anne
üvey anne baba
foster parent
üvey anne gibi

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    /ˈan/ /ˈæn/


    [ an ] (biographical name.) The French spelling of Ann, used interchangeably with Ann since the Middle Ages. From Vulgate Latin Anna, from Ancient Greek Άννα, from the Hebrew female name חַנָּה (Hannah), meaning 'grace; gracious'. Compare John.

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    anne hikaye ensest, anne baba

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