alkol v

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Türkçe - İngilizce
The amount of a toxicant, drug, or other chemical administered to, or taken by, an organism and expressed as some function of the organism and of time (mg/kg body weight/day)
The quantity of a chemical administered to an organism
The measured amount so administered or added; the dose
a scheme or system of grading doses of medicine according to age, etc
The addition of a small measured amount of a substance to something e.g. sugar to wine
The integral of concentration with respect to time If the concentration is constant over a given time interval then the dosage is the product of concentration and time
the amount of a substance (e g , a drug) that is given at one time
The prescribed amount of medicine or other therapeutic agent administered to treat a given illness
The liqueur (sugar dissolved in reserve wine) added to the sparkling wine just before final corking The dosage finishes the sparkling wine and determines its level of sweetness
The amount of medication that one may take or use e g Prozac 10 mg 1 time/day, Tylenol 500 mg 3 times/day
After disgorgement a syrup id added to Sparkling wine made from sugar and wine, and sometimes brandy or citric acid, called the dosage or liqueur d'expedition, to create the style of Champagne the house desires The dosage determines whether the Champagne will be sweeter or dry
Dosage is a cumulative exposure It is the concentration of a chemical warfare agent to which an individual is exposed over a specific period of time [229]
the final addition of sugar in Champagne process
the quantity of an active agent (substance or radiation) taken in or absorbed at any one time
The administration of a drug etc, in a measured amount; dosing
This is the amount of a remedy to be taken at one time Unless otherwise noted, liquid dosages are given in units of drops, while tablets and capsules are considered one unit each
In bottle-fermented sparkling wines, a small amount of wines (usually sweet) that is added back to the bottle once the yeast sediment that collects in the neck of the bottle is removed
The administration of medicine in doses; specif
alkol v