alay manasında taklit

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Türkçe - İngilizce
Something insultingly imitative; an offensively futile action, gesture etc
Something so lacking in necessary qualities as to inspire ridicule; a laughing-stock
Mimicry, imitation, now usually in a derogatory sense; a travesty, a ridiculous simulacrum

The defendant wasn't allowed to speak at his own trial - it was a mockery of justice.

The action of mocking; ridicule, derision
{n} derision, ridicule, sport, vain show
the action of mocking; ridicule
something so lacking in necessary qualities as to inspire ridicule; a travesty
{i} insulting speech, jeering; mimicry; ridicule; occasion of derision; poor or offensive imitation
a composition that imitates somebody's style in a humorous way
Insulting or contemptuous action or speech; contemptuous merriment; derision; ridicule
If something makes a mockery of something, it makes it appear worthless and foolish. This action makes a mockery of the Government's continuing protestations of concern
showing your contempt by derision
Subject of laughter, derision, or sport
humorous or satirical mimicry
The act of mocking, deriding, and exposing to contempt, by mimicry, by insincere imitation, or by a false show of earnestness; a counterfeit appearance
If someone mocks you, you can refer to their behaviour or attitude as mockery. Was there a glint of mockery in his eyes?
alay manasında taklit