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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} danışman

Tom ekonomik danışmanlarla toplantı yapıyor. - Tom is meeting with economic advisors.

O, kralın en güvenilir danışmanıdır. - He's the king's most trusted advisor.

yol gösterici
akıl hocası
yol gösteren
{i} danışman öğretmen
{i} müşavir
i., bak. adviser
{i} danışman

İyi bir mali danışmana ihtiyacım var. - I need a good financial adviser.

Matematik Tom'un okuldaki en zayıf dersiydi ama bu onun finansal danışman olmasını engelleyemedi. - Maths was Tom's weakest subject at school, but this didn't stop him getting a job as a financial adviser.

advisor to treasury
hazine müsteşarı
{i} akıl hocası
chief advisor
(Politika, Siyaset) baş danışman
content advisor
(Bilgisayar) içerik danışmanı
customer advisor
(Ticaret) müşteri danışmanı
financial advisor
mali müşavir
{i} danışman öğretmen
career advisor
Kariyer danışmanı
Eş danışman
communication advisor
İletişim danışmanı
financial advisor
Mâli danışman
national security advisor
Ulusal güvenlik danışmanı
systems advisor
sistemleri danışmanı
trip advisor
tur tavsiyecisi
chairman advisor
(Ticaret) başkan danışmanı
customs advisor
gümrük danışmanı
distributor advisor
(Ticaret) bayi danışmanı
foreign policy advisor
(Askeri) dış politika danışmanı
investment advisor
mali müşavir
investment advisor
yatırım danışmanı
legal advisor
(Kanun) adli müşavir
legal advisor
hukuk danışmanı
political advisor
(Askeri) siyasi danışman
political advisor
(Askeri) politika danışmanı
pre accession advisor
katılım öncesi danışman
squadron group systems advisor
(Askeri) bölük grup sistemleri danışmanı
İngilizce - İngilizce
This is a faculty member chosen to help you in certain areas planning each semester's schedule, providing information about the College, advising and assisting you in other ways After an advisor is assigned to you, you will need this person's signature on each semester's registration form and on all add/drop forms Within three weks of the beginning of classes, a letter will be sent to you with your advsior's name, office location and telephone number You can also meet with the advisors in the Academic Advising Center in Johnson Learning Center 243
An organization employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on the fund's investments and asset management practices, also, known as an "Investment Advisor"
The Advisor is a stoic and overly literal companion of the Emperor and of Prang before him He is an ethereal being and as he has nobody does not always relate to those who are motivated by theirs He initially had more of an active role in the art as he had conflicts with Grey and others for possession of the Sphere of Lost Souls and as he consulted with the doomed Prang before his assassination Now the Advisor is used as a judgmental stand-in
An organization employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on its investments and management of its assets
person who advises grievant or respondent; may or may not be an attorney
(Data Warehousing Guide; search in this book)
Acronym for ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR
an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
The organization employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on the fund's investments and asset management practices
faculty member who is assigned to a student to assist the student in scheduling courses, to explain degree requirements and assist students with their academic programs and coursework selection
A professional counselor or faculty member who provides information regarding requirements of various programs of study and career options An advisor is usually assigned to each enrolled student
{i} one who provides guidance, one who gives advice
(Data Warehousing Guide)
A type of user assistance offered in two different modes: Coaches proactively provide guidance such as for setting goals and monitoring task completion Context-sensitive help reactively responds when a user has reached an impasse and cannot proceed without assistance
These are the organisations or people who can analyse your personal circumstances and advise you your best options They need to charge fees for this service They work for you, only
One who gives advice to or within a group
A Career & Technical Education teacher who oversees and helps to organize and run a SkillsUSA section (club)
A faculty member appointed by the department or college to assist students with the planning of academic programs
The instructor assigned to help students with their academic concerns
An agent retained by an investor to aid in his/her decision-making process The advisor’s role is to look at the bigger picture of his/her customer, a picture that will satisfy the investor’s objectives
Entity employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on the fund's investments and asset management practices
The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies assigns and processes all changes in advisors Students must consult with their advisor before making course selections Course registration forms and add/drop slips must be signed by the advisor prior to submission at registration
A faculty member or designated person who guides students through academic questions, problems, and/or course work to plan and complete a degree program
An entity that assists in the operation of the fund by providing the following services
The faculty member, administrator, or Educational Planning Center staff person who helps you in the advising process
One who offers advice
The organization employed by a mutual fund company to manage a particular fund's assets and make day-to-day investment decisions involving the purchases or sales of securities Also known as a portfolio or investment manager A professional, either an individual or organization, who helps individuals with their financial planning needs Also called a financial planner, financial advisor or investment advisor For more information Aggressive Growth Fund A mutual fund that pursues capital appreciation by investing in common stocks that are on the higher end of the risk/reward spectrum Berger Information Technology, Berger Mid Cap Growth and Berger Small Company Growth Funds are examples of aggressive growth funds
advisor to the prime minister
person who gives advice to the prime minister in fields within which he is an expert
an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
{n} one who gives advice, a counsellor
Term used by the1995 Code to designate the party, usually a bank, hence, the term "advising bank" that notifies another party, that a credit has issued or has been amended Cf advising bank
Faculty member or staff person who provides students with information concerning courses, programs of study, and other aspects of academic life
The head of a function, such as Camp, Arts, Members with special needs, etc Ad Adviser may or may not have a vote on Council (All levels)
An organization employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on the fund's investments and asset management practices (also called an investment adviser)
An organization that is hired by a mutual fund to manage the fund's portfolio and make day-to-day investment decisions regarding the purchase and sale of portfolio securities
The firm primarily responsible for a fund's day-to-day operation
(preferred over advisor) affect (to have an effect on something else: “The recession has affected enrollment figures, and the effect on college budgets has been noticeable ”) all right (two words; never alright) alumna (a female graduate; plural, alumnae: She is an RIT alumna, and all the friends at her shower are also alumnae ) alumnus (a male graduate; plural, alumni: She is relieved that Chad is a high school alumnus and hopes that eventually he will be among the alumni of RIT ) Use alumni for mixed male and female grads artwork assistive associate in applied science (the AAS degree issued by RIT) assure (to ease someone's mind; also see insure; ensure) audio tape audiovisual awhile (awhile is never preceded by a preposition, but the two-word form “a while” is: stay awhile; stay for a while)
The company that takes primary responsibility for managing a mutual fund The adviser receives an annual fee for this service, usually ranging between 0 50% and 1% of a fund's total assets
A member of the University faculty or staff charged with the responsibility of interpreting academic requirements, developing course schedules, providing personal, academic, or career information, and monitoring adjustment to college and academic progress
National Security Advisor
{i} person who serves as the chief advisor to a national government on issues of security
{i} one who provides guidance, one who gives advice
One who advises
An adviser is an expert whose job is to give advice to another person or to a group of people. In Washington, the President and his advisers spent the day in meetings. a careers adviser. someone whose job is to give advice because they know a lot about a subject, especially in business, law, or politics
an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala
confidential advisor
advisor who can be trusted with secret matters
legal advisor
legal counselor, lawyer, solicitor
legal advisor to the government
advocate of the government, lawyer who stands at the head of the general prosecution in the name of the government
military advisor
person that advises on matters related to the military
personal advisor
{i} person who provides individual advice and guidance
quota advisor
one who provides guidance on issues related to quotas (such as import quotas, immigration quotas, etc.)
technical advisor
one who gives support regarding technical matters