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(Tıp) Katalizör: "Activation" sağlayan madde: Aktivatör: a) "Flotation" metodunda minerallerin ayrılmasını kolaylaştıran madde (mesela kurşun karbonat filizleri için sodyum sülfit: "Blende" Zn için bakır sülfat aktivatör rol oynar). b) "Zymogen", "proenzyms" ve "proferment"leri gerçek veya aktif mayalar haline geçirmek için kullanılan kimyasal maddeler (asitler, bazlar ve tuzlar gibi). c) Organizmada bir fonksiyonu kamçılamak için kullanılan madde (mesela kolestrin ve balık yağı paratiroid bezini, "enterokinase" pankreas özsuyunda bulunan "trypsinogen"i kamçılar)
(Askeri) BAKALİT KAPSÜL: Mayınların tuzaklanma işinde kullanılan birleşik kapsül ve adaptör
plasminogen activator
plazminojen aktivatörü
bin activator
Bin activators are mounted to the bottoms of silos and hoppers and are designed to promote the üniform flow of materials that typically do not discharge well
tissue plasminogen activator
doku plazminojen aktivatörü
devre motoru
stinger gyro activator
(Askeri) stinger gyro aktivatörü
İngilizce - İngilizce
One who, or that which, activates
Any chemical or agent which regulates one or more genes by increasing the rate of transcription
A substance that contains wallpaper adhesives to improve bond plus additives to increase slip and work time for easier installations
{i} one who activates, one who sets something in motion
The curing agent of a two component coating system
substance that enhances the ability of a flux to remove oxides and other contaminants from surfaces being joined
A diluted paste material used by some to activate pre-pasted wallpaper Claims to improve slip and adhesion
Used in composting to stimulate biological activity Because they are usually high in nitrogen, activators feed microorganism; they might also contain other decay organisms which become introduced to the compost via the activator
Activators are additives to the compost pile which contain a nitrogen source or sugars Their purpose is to increase microbial activity Generally, adequate nitrogen organic waste is the only activator needed If you have insufficient nitrogen, a substance like cottonseed meal may be added to encourage decomposition
any agent that induces activity In acid perms an activator is mixed with the perm lotion immediately before application to make it work properly
A chemical added to a pesticide to increase its activity
(biology) any agency bringing about activation; a molecule that increases the activity of an enzyme or a protein that increases the production of a gene product in DNA transcription
A substance added in small quantity to promote the activity of a majority ingredient Often, trace cupric materials are added to zinc sulfide reflective paints to enhance brilliance
The object responsible for activating another object
(1) a chemical used to accelerate a reaction or increase chemical activity in another material; (2) in photography, a high pH solution which allows diffusion of the developer into the film emulsion for development of the image
A substance that is used in a dye bath to fix the dye It raises the alkalinity of the dye bath to enable the necessary chemical reaction An example is the use of Soda Ash with fiber reactive dyes
A removable growth guidance orthodontic appliance,originally developed by Pierre Robin,Viggo Andresen and Karl Haupl,with later modifications by Schwarz,Bimler, Balters,Franker, Fleischer-Peters,etc Also called a functional appliance
Compound added to flux to increase flux efficacy - often a halide or a weak organic acid (removes oxide)
A form designed to enable NRC clients to transmit information about a debt to NRC to begin the collection process By using the activator to transmit debt information, the client does not need to submit (or copy) original debt information to begin the collection process With paper-based NRC systems, the activator resembles a check in a one-write accounting system With the electronic Tandem Online program, the activator is completed online and immediately transmitted to NRC for collection
Tissue plasminogen activator
(Tıp, İlaç) A preparation of this enzyme that is produced by genetic engineering and used to dissolve clots blocking coronary arteries in heart attack and cranial arteries in certain cases of stroke
Tissue plasminogen activator
(Tıp, İlaç) A clot-dissolving enzyme that is produced naturally by cells in the walls of blood vessels and catalyzes the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin
plural of activator
A substance that enhances the ability of a flux to remove oxides and other contaminants from surfaces being joined
plasminogen activator
protease produced in the kidney that converts plasminogen to plasmin and so initiates fibrinolysis
tissue plasminogen activator
a thrombolytic agent (trade name Activase) that causes fibrinolysis at the site of a blood clot; used in treating acute myocardial infarction



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    /ˈaktəˌvātər/ /ˈæktəˌveɪtɜr/


    [ 'ak-t&-"vAt ] (verb.) 1626. activate +‎ -or

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