listen to the pronunciation of şahıslandırmak
Türkçe - İngilizce
to adapt something to the needs of an individual
to represent something abstract as a person; to embody
make personal or more personal; "personalized service
per·son·al·ize personalizes personalizing personalized in BRIT, also use personalise1. If an object is personalized, it is marked with the name or initials of its owner. The clock has easy-to-read numbers and is personalised with the child's name and birth date. + personalized per·son·al·ized a Rolls-Royce with a personalised number plate
If you personalize something, you do or design it specially according to the needs of an individual or to your own needs. Personalising your car has never been cheaper. an ideal centre for professional men or women who need intensive, personalised French courses
{f} make personal; put name on; personify, ascribe personal qualities to a person or thing (also personalise)
make personal or more personal; "personalized service"
If you personalize an argument, discussion, idea, or issue, you consider it from the point of view of individual people and their characters or relationships, rather than considering the facts in a general or abstract way. Women tend to personalise rejection more than men The contest has become personalised, if not bitter
To make personal