şahıs zamiri gram

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personal pronoun
Any pronoun, with an antecedent, standing in as the subject or object of a verb
A pronoun which, in English, refers to one or a combination of the following:
any pronoun that refers to a noun by person and number
A personal pronoun refers to a specific individual or individuals There are three types of personal pronouns: subject, object, and possessive
a pronoun expressing a distinction of person
pronoun representing a distinct person, thing, or idea
You are the person at the centre of the research It is a good idea to use the personal pronoun but only where you are asserting your particular ownership of the statement being made Some people use the personal pronoun too loosely to make statements that they cannot possibly own The personal pronoun is important in action research and must therefore be used with great care More
A pronoun that is used to refer to a person: Paul hit the ball He hit it over the fence
A personal pronoun is a pronoun such as `I', `you', `she', or `they' which is used to refer to the speaker or the person spoken to, or to a person or thing whose identity is clear, usually because they have already been mentioned. A pronoun designating the person speaking (I, me, we, us), the person spoken to (you), or the person or thing spoken about (he, she, it, they, him, her, them). a pronoun such as 'I', 'you', or 'they'
(Grammar) pronoun that shows person (i.e. we, you, he, etc.)
şahıs zamiri gram