çubuklarla örmek

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Türkçe - İngilizce
A wrinkled fold of skin, sometimes brightly coloured, hanging from the neck of birds (such as chicken and turkey) and some lizards
A decorative fleshy appendage on the neck of a goat
Barbel of a fish
{i} interwoven twigs and branches used for fences or walls; Australian tree or shrub of the Acacia genus; fleshy and wrinkled piece of skin hanging from the throat of some types of fowl and some kinds of lizards
A kind of woven mesh of sticks, usually oak or willow, used in house construction
To form, by interweaving or platting twigs
A rod laid on a roof to support the thatch
The trees from which the bark is obtained
To construct a wattle, or make a construction of wattles
used for walls, fences, and the like
The astringent bark of several Australian trees of the genus Acacia, used in tanning; called also wattle bark
A construction of branches and twigs woven together to form a wall, barrier, fence, or roof
A twig or flexible rod; hence, a hurdle made of such rods
Any of several Australian trees of the Genus Acacia
In Australasia, any tree of the genus Acacia; so called from the wattles, or hurdles, which the early settlers made of the long, pliable branches or of the split stems of the slender species
framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence
To bind with twigs
A mat of woven (willow) sticks and weeds; used in wall and dike construction
çubuklarla örme
çubuklarla örmek