(bir konuyu) araştırmak, incelemek

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Türkçe - İngilizce
{f} explore
To examine diagnostically
To wander without any particular aim or purpose

The boys explored all around till cold and hunger drove them back to the campfire one by one.

To seek for something or after someone
To examine or investigate something systematically

The committee has been exploring alternative solutions to the problem at hand.

To (seek) experience first hand

It is normal for a boy of this age to be exploring his sexuality.

{v} to search, examin, try
Process in which Content Analyzer crawls a Web site and adds the pages it finds to the site map You control how much of the site is explored (Content Analyzer)
for diagnostic purposes examine minutely travel to or penetrate into; "explore unknown territory in biology
To search through or into; to penetrate or range over for discovery; to examine thoroughly; as, to explore new countries or seas; to explore the depths of science
To seek for or after; to strive to attain by search; to look wisely and carefully for
to travel in search of discovery
examine (organs etc ) for diagnostic purposes
To retrieve a resource by way of its URL If the resource is a page that contains links to other resources, exploring the page also looks up the URLs for those linked resources Microsoft Content Analyzer explores a resource when the user clicks the map object's question mark icon, or uses the Explore command
{f} travel to unknown regions; investigate, examine, research
If you explore a place, you travel around it to find out what it is like. After exploring the old part of town there is a guided tour of the cathedral We've come to this country, let's explore! + exploration explorations ex·plo·ra·tion We devote several days to the exploration of the magnificent Maya sites of Copan
to experience first hand
examine minutely
to travel to a place that is not well known to find out more about it
examine organs etc
(bir konuyu) araştırmak, incelemek