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English - Turkish

Definition of refreshments in English Turkish dictionary

  1. yiyecek
  2. yeme içme Turizm
  3. yiyecek ve içecek
  4. serinletici içkiler Gıda
  5. i., çoğ. (misafirlere ikram edilen kurabiye, çay gibi) hafif yiyecek ve içecekler
  6. yiyecek içecek
  7. İkramlar (machine translation). İkramlar için teşekkür ederim. - Thank you for the refreshments.
  8. Related Terms
  9. canlandırmak : refresh
  10. yenilemek : refresh
  11. canlanmak fiil : refresh
  12. serinletici içecek Harun serinletici içecekler getirdi. - Harun brought refreshments. : refreshment
  13. mutlandırmak : refresh
  14. dinçleştirmek : refresh
  15. yinele Bilgisayar: refresh
  16. tazelemek fiil : refresh
  17. güçlendirmek : refresh
  18. cana can katmak : refresh
  19. yenile Bilgisayar: refresh
  20. güçlenme : refreshment
  21. içecek İçecekler mevcut. - Refreshments are available. : refreshment
  22. ferahlatıcı Gıda: refreshment
  23. ara öğün : refreshment
  24. tazeleme isim : refresh
  25. tazele fiil : refresh
  26. serinletmek : refresh
  27. (anıları/vb.) tazelemek : refresh
  28. dinlenme : refreshment
  29. canlanma : refreshment
  30. ferahlatmak fiil : refresh
  31. ferahlamak : refresh
  32. mutlulandırmak fiil : refresh
  33. hayat vermek : refresh
  34. dinçleşmek fiil : refresh
  35. tazelenmek fiil : refresh
  36. tazele,v.tazele: n.tazeleme : refresh
  37. atıştırmak : refresh
  38. (güç verip) canlandırmak, diriltmek, ihya etmek fiil : refresh
  39. dinlenmek : refresh
  40. tazelik kazanmak : refresh
  41. yeme/tazeleme : refresh
  42. serinlemek : refresh
  43. refreshingly canlandırıcı surette : refresh
  44. kuvvetlendirmek refresh oneself canlanmak : refresh
  45. dinlendirmek : refresh
  46. ye/tazele : refresh
  47. yeniden canlandırmak : refresh
  48. tazelemek: Can I refresh your drink? İçkini tazeleyeyim mi? fiil : refresh
  49. açılmak fiil : refresh
  50. Dinlendirmek, serinletmek, 3.Canlanmak, dinlenmek Tıp: refresh
  51. Tazelemek, yeniden canlandırmak, taze hayat vermek Tıp: refresh
English - English

Definition of refreshments in English English dictionary

  1. plural of refreshment
  2. Related Terms
  3. The periodic energizing required to maintain the contents of computer memory, the display luminance of a computer screen, etc : refresh
  4. To cause (a web browser or similar software) to refresh its display You can save your code, refresh your browser, and see a change instantly. This simple trick turns a lowly web browser into a development environment. : refresh
  5. To reload a webpage on the internet She refreshed the page. She was still the high bidder. Good. : refresh
  6. To renew or revitalize : refresh
  7. The update of a display (in a web browser or similar software) to show the latest version of the data : refresh
  8. To perform the periodic energizing required to maintain the contents of computer memory, the display luminance of a computer screen, etc : refresh
  9. A light snack or fresh drink without alcohol : refreshment
  10. The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour : refreshment
  11. to revive, cheer, repair, feed, cool verb : refresh
  12. food, nourishment, rest, relief noun : refreshment
  13. freshment : Refreshment
  14. To view the present status and state of your directory and files, press the "Refresh" icon : refresh
  15. To make an exact copy of data from older media to newer for long-term preservation : refresh
  16. To make fresh again; to restore strength, spirit, animation, or the like, to; to relieve from fatigue or depression; to reinvigorate; to enliven anew; to reanimate; as, sleep refreshes the body and the mind : refresh
  17. Special recording mode implemented in Studer DASH tape recorders Allows internal 1: 1 re-recording ("refreshing") of digital audio tracks after error correction to maintain maximum reliability : refresh
  18. Refresh is a meta element attribute that automatically refreshes your page after a specified number of seconds : refresh
  19. rate: How many times per second the screen is refreshed (redrawn) To avoid flickering, the refresh rate should be at least 72 Hz : refresh
  20. The process of regularly updating the images on a screen by scanning each pixel with a picture beam to make sure the image is still visible The image on the screen is visible because tiny dots of phosphor shine The glow from the phosphor only a few tenths of a second, so the dots have to be hit by an electron picture beam to get them to glow again This process is repeated 60 to 70 times per second : refresh
  21. To reload the same webpage : refresh
  22. Periodic energizing required to maintain the display luminence of a computer screen : refresh
  23. Periodic energizing required to maintain the contents of computer memory : refresh
  24. The process of rewriting, recharging or updating the data sent to a specific device, such as a monitor or RAM : refresh
  25. by clicking on the toolbar button in your browser forces the browser to download a web page again, it can gets things moving again if everything has ground to a halt : refresh
  26.   To reproduce, repeatedly, a display image on a display surface, so that the image remains visible : refresh
  27. forcing the computer to look again and display the most recent information : refresh
  28. refreshes a list of records Used mostly after updating or creating a new record so that to see the record in the list : refresh
  29. If you refresh a web page, you click a button in order to get the most recent version of the page. Press the `reload' button on your web browser to refresh the site and get the most current version : refresh
  30. make (to feel) fresh; "The cool water refreshed us" : refresh
  31. become or make oneself fresh again; "She freshened up after the tennis game" : refresh
  32. make fresh again : refresh
  33. If someone refreshes your memory, they tell you something that you had forgotten. He walked on the opposite side of the street to refresh his memory of the building : refresh
  34. If you refresh something old or dull, you make it as good as it was when it was new. Many view these meetings as an occasion to share ideas and refresh friendship : refresh
  35. The act of refreshing : refresh
  36. To make as if new; to repair; to restore : refresh
  37. make (to feel) fresh; "The cool water refreshed us : refresh
  38. renew, invigorate; replenish one's energy by eating drinking and resting fiil : refresh
  39. If something refreshes you when you have become hot, tired, or thirsty, it makes you feel cooler or more energetic. The lotion cools and refreshes the skin + refreshed re·freshed He awoke feeling completely refreshed : refresh
  40. Refreshing maintains data stored in DRAM The process of refreshing electrical cells on a DRAM component is similar to recharging batteries Different DRAM components require different refresh methods : refresh
  41. refresh one's memory; "I reviewed the material before the test" : refresh
  42. A browser function that forces redisplay of the current page : refresh
  43. to copy digital information from one long-term storage medium to another : refresh
  44. In a monitor, to recharge the phosphors on the inside of the screen and maintain the image In certain memory systems, dynamic RAM must be recharged so that it continues to hold its contents : refresh
  45. "Feeding" a starter, adding nutrients in the form of flour and water to re-activate the starter and bring its leavening and flavoring microbes to peak levels of activity : refresh
  46. to make the browser redraw the page : refresh
  47. or RELOAD - To re-connect to a website if it takes to a long time to load it from the web server or if it doesn't load probably Click on the Refresh or Reload button on your browser to access the current page again : refresh
  48. Refreshing updates the display (Agenda/In-Tray) to include any new Entries that have been created since the last refresh Displays are refreshed every 15 minutes (configurable from Agenda Preferences choose Notification tab) and can be done manually by selecting View menu choose Refresh All : refresh
  49. A meta tag that will let you either periodically refresh the current page or switch to another page It is formatted like this: <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="10; URL=http: //www walthowe com/"> The above meta tag will switch to the URL after 10 seconds Change the number to change the time delay, or delete it to make the change immediate Delete the URL to make the refresh occur in the current page : refresh
  50. The process used to restore the charge in DRAM cells at specific intervals : refresh
  51. (1) To update something with new data For example, some web browsers include a refresh button that updates the currently displayed web page This feature is also called "reload " (2) To recharge a device with power or information For example, dynamic RAM needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second or it will lose the data stored in it Similarly, display monitors must be refreshed many times per second The refresh rate for a monitor is measured in hertz (Hz) and is also called the vertical frequency, vertical scan rate, frame rate, or vertical refresh rate The old standard for monitor refresh rates was 60Hz, but a new standard developed by VESA sets the refresh rate at 75Hz for monitors displaying resolutions of 640x480 or greater This means that the monitor redraws the display 75 times per second The faster the refresh rate, the less the monitor flickers : refresh
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