İngilizce - Türkçe çeviri
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Saf 2
Saf 3
Saf 4
Saf 10
Saf 11
Saf 12
Saf 13
Saf 14
saf alkol
saf aşk
saf dişi bırakmak
saf dişi etmek
saf dışı
saf dışı bırakmak
saf dışı etmek
saf kan
saf kirin
saf kod
saf konuşma
saf koton mu
saf kurşun
saf kömür
saf kız
saf madde
saf olmayan
saf saf
saf su
saf tutmak
saf çekmek
saf ırk
1 pure  sıfat
2 naive
3 credulous
4 real  sıfat
5 honest  sıfat
6 unworldly  sıfat
7 genuine  sıfat
8 gull  isim
9 witless  sıfat
10 refined  sıfat
11 outbred
12 innocent  isim
13 fair
14 absolute  sıfat
15 wool
16 simple minded
17 raw  sıfat
18 simple hearted
19 pigeon  isim
20 ingenuous  sıfat
21 homespun  sıfat
22 harmless  sıfat
23 juggins
24 mere  sıfat
25 pure minded
26 pristine  sıfat
27 simple simon
28 rank  isim
29 unalloyed  sıfat
30 pure in heart  deyim
31 soft
32 line up
33 wideeyed
34 simonpure
35 mug  Argo
36 straight
37 simpleminded
38 naif
39 echt
40 stark
41 lineup
42 purer
43 purebred
44 uncontaminated  sıfat
45 undiluted  sıfat
46 gullible  sıfat
47 unadulterated  sıfat
48 sterling  sıfat
49 unmixed  sıfat
50 unsophisticated  sıfat
51 biddable
52 confiding
53 untutored  sıfat
54 unsuspicious  sıfat
55 simple  sıfat
56 fine  sıfat
57 artless
58 candid
59 simple-hearted
60 clean
61 clear
62 gudgeon
63 elemental
64 dewy eyed
65 deceivable
66 all
67 distilled
68 country bumpkin
69 dupe  isim
70 elementary  sıfat
71 greenhorn  isim
72 facile  sıfat
73 entire  sıfat
74 row, line; rank, line
75 guileless  sıfat
76saflar ranks
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77 Store and Forward A technique where transactions are captured and stored in a bucket for later transmission to a remote system Typically used where transaction involve connecting to remote machines and the delay of doing this should be defferred until convienent
78 Society of American Foresters
79 School Advisory Forum SAC: School Advisory Committee
80 Abbreviation for Subantarctic Front
81 System Authorization Facility An MVS facility for routing authorization requests to RACF or equivalent system security packages
82 System Authorization Facility An MVS interface invoked by CICS to communicate with an external security manager, such as RACF
83 Server Application Function An API for server software See also NSAPI
84 Scrapie associated fibrils These are the fine structures, seen under the electron microscope that are only found in brains of TSEs
85 Spouse Acceptance Factor The amount of time married scientists are allowed to spend away from home, in the office, at the lab, talking about physics at social events, going to the South Pole, attending conferences, etc , before the spouse says "ENOUGH!!!!!!" (from a cosmo girl now on our editorial staff)
86 Scrapie Associated Fibrils
87 Sub-chief of Bum
88 Scrapie associated fibrils These are the fine structures, seen under the electron microscope that are only found in brains of TSEs It has been suggested that they are the infective agents themselves, as infectivity can be filtered out with a filter small enough to stop the SAF
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89 Zeki olmayan, derin düşünmeyen, dikkatsiz
90 Tüylü ve yünlü hayvan
91 (SÂFİ) Katışıksız, berrâk, temiz
93 maybaş
94 DEH
95 Katışıksız
96 Kolaylıkla aldatılabilen
97 Kurnazlığa aklı ermeyen
98 İyi niyetli, art niyetsiz
99 Grup
100 Kurnazlığa aklı ermeyen, kolaylıkla aldatılabilen, bön:"Yenge, açık sözlü, saf bir kadıncağızdır."- R. N. Güntekin. İyi niyetli, art niyetsiz:"Senin bu kadar, çocukça saf olduğunu bilmezdim."- P. Safa
101 tıksız, arı, katışıksız, halis, has
102 sıra sıra dizilmek, temiz, katıksız
103 Dizi, sıra
104 Katıksız, arı, katışıksız, halis, has
105 Dizi, sıra:"Bütün garsonlar saf teşkil edip selama dururlardı."- E. E. Talu
106 Kurnazlığa aklı ermeyen, kolaylıkla aldatılabilen, bön
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107 Hava Kuvvetleri Bakanı (Secretary of the Air Force)  Askeri