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Definition of guidance in English Turkish dictionary

  1. eğitim sırasında çocuğa ve ailesine öğüt verme ve yol gösterme
  2. yol gösterme isim
  3. sevketme isim
  4. yönlendirme isim
  5. kılavuzluk isim
  6. öğüt
  7. akıl
  8. yardım
  9. rehberlik isim Harun'un ihtiyacı olan rehberlik. - What Harun needs is guidance.
  10. güdüm isim
  11. hidayet
  12. idare etme isim
  13. yön verme Hukuk
  14. GÜDÜM: Güdümlü füze tarafından alınan hedef istihbarat bilgilerinin, tam zamanında yön değiştirmelere neden olacak uygun uçuş kontrolu yapılmasında faydalanılan işlemin tamamı. Ayrıca bakınız: "active homing guidance", "celestial guidance", "command guidance", "homing guidance", "inertial guidance", "midcourse guidance", "passive homing guidance", "preset guidance", "semiactive homing guidance", "stellar guidance", "terminal guidance" ve "terrestrial reference guidance" Askeri
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Definition of guidance in English English dictionary

  1. the act or process of guiding
  2. advice or counselling on some topic
  3. any process or system to control the path of a vehicle, missile etc
  4. something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  5. Guidance is help and advice. an opportunity for young people to improve their performance under the guidance of professional coaches The nation looks to them for guidance
  6. instruction; direction; management, leadership isim
  7. direction, government, care, advice noun
  8. ducture
  9. guid
  10. The act or result of guiding; the superintendence or assistance of a guide; direction; government; a leading
  11. any of various processes for guiding the path of a vehicle, especially a missile, by means of built-in equipment
  12. Documents published by FDA to provide interpretation of regulations
  13. The process of directing the movements of an aeronautical vehicle or space vehicle, with particular reference to the selection of a flight path See control
  14. the act of setting and holding a course; "a new council was installed under the direction of the king"
  15. the act of guiding or showing the way
  16. to direct, guide, show a way
  17. Discovering God's direction for our lives Knowing the will of God as to how we should live and act, as presented in the Scriptures, is generally quite clear Seeking the specific will of God in situations can be very difficult In many cases knowing God's will may not be as important as making sure our desires are submitted to God! Relationship with God is a higher priority than activity Are we living to the light we already have - before we go on to the next thing? Are we in tune with the Scriptures?
  18. Documents issued primarily to elaborate and provide direction on the implementation of regulations
  19. refers to a public company's comments regarding its up-coming financial results It forewarns investors about upcoming earnings reports - to avoid surprises, i e it is giving some "guidance" to investors as to what they can expect to see with respect to corporate performance It is like a preliminary estimate of results
  20. The giving of direction, or otherwise influencing a person's or group's conduct and actions
  21. Statements which are designed to direct the required actions
  22. the act of guiding or showing the way something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  23. duction
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    [ 'gI-d&n(t)s ] (noun.) 1590. See guide +‎ -ance


    advice, auspices, conduct, conduction, control, conveyance, direction, government, help, instruction, intelligence, leadership, management, navigation, supervision, teaching

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