English - Turkish

  1. incelemek construe
  2. tercüme etmek fiil construe
  3. çeviri yapmak fiil construe
  4. açıklamak construe
  5. yorumlamak construe
  6. çözümlemek construe
  7. anlamak construe
  8. mana vermek construe
  9. anlam yükle construe
  10. yorumlamak, tefsir etmek, mana vermek, anlamak fiil construe
  11. (cümleyi) tahlil etmek fiil construe
  12. yorumla construe
  13. gramer kurallarınagöre cümle kurmak construe

English - English

  1. past of construe
  2. A translation construe
  3. An interpretation construe
  4. To interpret or explain the meaning of something - "Robert Bolt, ''A Man for All Seasons, 1954" construe
  5. To translate construe
  6. To analyze the grammatical structure of a clause or sentence construe
  7. interpret in a particular way, explain, analyze, understand fiil construe
  8. make sense of; assign a meaning to; "What message do you see in this letter?"; "How do you interpret his behavior?" construe
  9. If something is construed in a particular way, its nature or meaning is interpreted in that way. What may seem helpful behaviour to you can be construed as interference by others He may construe the approach as a hostile act We are taught to construe these terms in a particular way. to understand a remark or action in a particular way misconstrue construe sth as sth (construere, from , , from com- ( COM-) + struere ) construe
  10. To apply the rules of syntax to (a sentence or clause) so as to exhibit the structure, arrangement, or connection of, or to discover the sense; to explain the construction of; to interpret; to translate construe
  11. To put a construction upon; to explain the sense or intention of; to interpret; to understand construe
  12. A translation or interpretation construe


About This Word

    Pronunciation /kənˈstro͞od/ /kənˈstruːd/
    Etymology [ k&n-'strü ] (verb.) 14th century. Middle English, from Late Latin construere, from Latin, to construct.
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