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Representing a bark (of a fox.)
A bark, a “yiff”!
Sexual intercourse, the act of yiffing
Sexual artwork. “Do you draw yiff?”
To have cybersex

Of course the inverse is possible with all these possibilities, and you can be having a yiff with a partner in the room with you and be having a pleasant non-sexual conversation with another remote player through a page-conversation.

“Anyone willing/desiring to have sex?”
To have sex, to mate

Well, i’ve witnessed male foxes queueing up to yiff one of my local vixens… repeatedly!.

“Are you willing/desiring to have sex?”
A bark, a "yiff!"
"Anyone willing/desiring to have sex?"
sexy, sexual, arousing
"Are you willing/desiring to have sex?"
willing to have sexual intercourse
To talk, to chat in a chat room
capable of sexual intercourse


    () Yiff is part of a range of onomatopoeic words that form a pseudo-language used by the furry role-playing community: yiff, yip, yerf, yaff, yarf, growf, and growlf (in order from most positive connotations to most negative connotations). Yiff meant yes or an exuberant hello!. Later, yiff was assigned a meaning of a sexual proposition, a meaning that had previously been assigned to yipp (a coarse form of yip). Other claimed etymologies include: * onomatopoeic word for the sound of a fox mating. This etymology is unsubstantiated and appears to be apocryphal. * sense 3 of YIFF. This is apparently a backronym.

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