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An angry dispute
to bicker, or quarrel angrily and noisily
An act of wrangling
to herd horses or other livestock
to maintain by noisy argument or dispute
{v} to dispute peevishly, to squabble
{n} a perverse dispute, squabble, quarrel
Win or obtain by argument

As European leaders wrangle over new measures to contain the Continent's crisis, the Italian and Belgian governments on Monday each completed successful bond auctions, although the deals, involving relatively small sums, featured alarmingly high interest.

herd and care for; "wrangle horses"
{i} dispute, bickering; obtainment (e.g. through persuasive argument); act of persuading someone to give something
an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)
to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively; "The bar keeper threw them out, but they continued to wrangle on down the street"
To argue; to debate; to dispute
To involve in a quarrel or dispute; to embroil
{f} persuade; argue; bicker
If you say that someone is wrangling with someone over a question or issue, you mean that they have been arguing angrily for quite a long time about it. The two sides have spent most of their time wrangling over procedural problems A group of MPs is still wrangling with the government over the timing of elections. a long and complicated argument wrangle over. to argue with someone angrily for a long time wrangle over/about
An angry dispute; a noisy quarrel; a squabble; an altercation
an angry dispute; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words"
To dispute angrily; to quarrel peevishly and noisily; to brawl; to altercate
herd and care for; "wrangle horses
{f} brabble
Present participle of wrangle
The action of the verb to wrangle
{n} the act of disputing perversely
past of wrangle
third-person singular of wrangle
plural of , wrangle
an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)
Present participle of to wrangle