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Indulging in idle fancies or daydreams

I had bad times after that—crying at night and woolgathering by day. For two terms I slackened and had bad reports.

Gathering fragments of wool torn from sheep by bushes, etc
{s} absent-minded, daydreaming; scatter-brained
Indulgence in idle imagination; a foolish or useless pursuit or design
{i} daydreaming; wool collecting
an idle indulgence in fantasy
gathering fragments of wool torn from sheep by bushes etc
dreamy in mood or nature; "a woolgathering moment"
Indulging in a vagrant or idle exercise of the imagination; roaming upon a fruitless quest; idly fanciful
go woolgathering
daydream, be absorbed in one's thoughts
{f} daydream, fantasize; collect bits of wool that have been shed by sheep