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Tom'u kovmak kimin fikriydi. - Whose idea was it to fire Tom?

Bu gömleği tanımıyorum. O kimin? - I don't recognize this shirt. Whose is it?

ki onun
{z} Sıfat olarak kullanılan yancümlenin
{z} kimin: Whose house is that? O ev kimin? Whose shoes are those? Onlar kimin ayakkabıları?
whose is this
bu kimin
whose coin
(deyim) (Hesap vs.) Kimin parası ile? Kim ödüyor?
whose, of whom?, which belongs to
kimin, kime mi?, hangi ait
woman whose husband has died
Eşi vefat etmiş kadın
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Of whom, belonging to whom; used as an interrogative pronoun

Whose wallet is this?.

Of whom, belonging to whom; used as a relative pronoun

This is the man whose dog caused the accident. (=This man's dog caused the accident.).

Of which, belonging to which; used as a relative pronoun

We saw several houses whose roofs are falling off. (=The roofs are falling off several houses we saw.).

{p} any person
{p} gen. of who and which
You use whose at the beginning of a relative clause where you mention something that belongs to or is associated with the person or thing mentioned in the previous clause. I saw a man shouting at a driver whose car was blocking the street. a speedboat, whose fifteen-strong crew claimed to belong to China's navy. tourists whose vacations included an unexpected adventure
You use whose in questions to ask about the person or thing that something belongs to or is associated with. Whose was the better performance? `Whose is this?' --- `It's mine.' `It wasn't your fault, John.' --- `Whose, then?' Whose car were they in?
Of whom
The possessive case of who or which
See Who, and Which
pron. of whom?; belonging to; which belongs to
To whom does something/someone belong?
You use whose after certain words, especially verbs and adjectives, to introduce a clause where you talk about the person or thing that something belongs to or is associated with. I'm wondering whose mother she is then I can't remember whose idea it was for us to meet again. Whose is also a conjunction. I wondered whose the coat was That kind of person likes to spend money, it doesn't matter whose it is
Of which
you and whose army
You can't do all that on your own

I'm going to stop you from going out with that girl! - Yeah? You and whose army?.


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    /ˈho͞oz/ /ˈhuːz/


    [ 'hüz, üz ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Genitive of who Old English hwæs, the genitive of hwa *hwas *kʷos


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