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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} otlarla kaplı
alak otu basmış
fazla yabani otlu
{s} çiroz
{s} yabani ot gibi
çiroz gibi
kara kuru
yabani otlu/zayıf
{s} sıska
{s} ıskarta
yabani otları bol
{s} işe yaramaz
{s} çelimsiz
{s} yabani otlarla dolu
pungent old world weedy plant
keskin eski dünya çelimsiz bitki
daha fazla otla dolu
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Small and weak
Characteristic of a plant that grows rapidly and spreads invasively, and which grows opportunistically in cracks of sidewalks and disturbed areas
{a} abounding with weeds, foul, rough
Abounding with weeds; as, weedy grounds; a weedy garden; weedy corn
{s} abounding in plants not valued or desired; pertaining to weeds; lanky; thin, ungainly, gaunt
abounding with or resembling weeds; "a weedy path"; "weedy plants that take over a garden
This term refers to a horse of poor conformation Generally, it is weak in the quarters and shoulders with long legs
abounding with or resembling weeds; "a weedy path"; "weedy plants that take over a garden"
Dressed in weeds, or mourning garments
The condition where a plant produces abundant seeds which germinate freely in places where they are unwanted
Aromas or flavors reminiscent of hay or grasses; not necessarily unpleasant unless exaggerated
Scraggy; ill-shaped; ungainly; said of colts or horses, and also of persons
A horse of poor conformation, generally weak in the quarters and shoulders, with long legs
Of or pertaining to weeds; consisting of weeds
having unattractive thinness; "a child with skinny freckled legs"; "a long scrawny neck"
A weedy place is full of weeds
disapproval If you describe someone as weedy, you are criticizing them because they are thin and physically weak. = puny
{i} state of being full of weeds, abundance of weeds; lankiness

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