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{s} yaraları iyileştiren
{s} yara ilacı
yarayı iyi eden
(Tıp) Yarayı iyi eden (ilaç)
{s} yaraya iyi gelen
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Useful or used for healing wounds; healing, curative

Take, for example, the famous vulnerary ointment attributed to Paracelsus.

Causing wounds, wounding
A healing drug or other agent used in healing and treating wounds
{n} a medicin for wounds
{a} useful in the cure of wounds
\Vul"ner*a*ry\, a Useful in healing wounds; adapted to the cure of external injuries
Used to treat wounds
{i} medication used to heal wounds (Archaic)
A vulnerary substance
wound healer
Tone and heal the muscular and skeletal systems and are often employed along with emollients as a poultice for external wounds
{s} used for healing wounds, that heals wounds (Archaic)
A preparation used to promote wound healing
an agent that stimulates the growth of healthy cells, thus speeding the healing of affected tissues
A plant, ointment, or drug used for healing wounds
A vulnerary remedy
Wound healing, aids the healing of wounds and inflammations
A substance applied externally that is useful for healing wounds
Useful in healing wounds; adapted to the cure of external injuries; as, vulnerary plants or potions
Affects immune system and reactivity due to its ability to heal and treat wounds to top of page

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    [ 'v&l-n&-"rer-E ] (adjective.) 1599. From Latin vulnerārius, from vulnus (“wound”).

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