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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} volkanik

Atmosferde volkanik kül var. - There's volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

Etna dağı püskürdü, Sicilya'ya volkanik kaya yağdırıyor. - Mount Etna has erupted, showering Sicily in volcanic rock.

yanardağla ilgili
{s} yanardağ gibi
volcanic cone yanardağ lavlarından meydana gelen koni
volcanic bomb yanardağ patlamasında dışarıya flrlayan yuvarlak lav parçası
yanardağ kabilinden
{s} yanardağa özgü; yanardağ gibi; volkanik
{s} hiddetli
volcanic ash yanardağ külü
volcanic eruption
volkanik patlama
volcanic ash
yanardağ külü
volcanic ash
volkanik kül
volcanic bomb
yanardağ bombası
volcanic cone
yanardağ konisi
volcanic earthquake
yanardağ depremi
volcanic eruption
volkanik püskürme
volcanic eruption
yanardağ patlaması
volcanic explosion
yanardağ patlaması
volcanic glass
volkanik cam
volcanic mud
yanardağ çamuru
volcanic rock
püskürük kayaç
volcanic rock
volkanik taş
volcanic agglomerate
volkanik aglomera
volcanic ash
yanardağ kulu, volkanik kül
volcanic bomb
yanardağ bombası, yanardağ yumrusu
volcanic activity
volkanik hareketlilik
volcanic earthquake
volkanizmanın neden olduğu deprem
volcanic earthquake
volkanik deprem
volcanic mount
volkanik dağ
volkanik olarak
having a volcanic origin
volkanik bir kökene sahip
collapse of volcanic edifice
(Çevre) volkan tepesinin çökmesi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Of or pertaining to a volcano or volcanoes; as, volcanic heat
Potentially or powerfully explosive
Produced by a volcano, or, more generally, by igneous agencies; as, volcanic tufa
Changed or affected by the heat of a volcano
{i} lever-action repeating pistol produced by the Smith and Wesson Company in 1852
relating to or produced by or consisting of volcanoes; "volcanic steam"; "volcanic islands such as Iceland"; "a volcanic cone is a conical mountain or hill built up of material from volcanic eruptions
Of or like a volcano
made up of material from a volcano
Of, pertaining to, like, or characteristic of a volcano; characterized by or composed of volcanoes; produced, influenced, or changed by a volcano or by volcanic agencies; made of materials derived from volcanoes
explosively unstable; "a volcanic temper"
explosively unstable; "a volcanic temper" relating to or produced by or consisting of volcanoes; "volcanic steam"; "volcanic islands such as Iceland"; "a volcanic cone is a conical mountain or hill built up of material from volcanic eruptions
Applies to igneous rocks that cool on the surface of the Earth, including beneath water; typically with small crystals due to the rapidity of cooling Synonym of extrusive Antonym of plutonic
{s} of or pertaining to volcanoes; eruptive
igneous rock produced by eruption and solidified on or near the earth's surface; rhyolite or andesite or basalt; "volcanic rock includes the volcanic glass obsidian"
Volcanic means coming from or created by volcanoes. Over 200 people have been killed by volcanic eruptions. relating to or caused by a volcano
rock from molten lava
volcanic sulfur
Alternative spelling of volcanic sulphur
volcanic sulphur
Naturally occuring elemental sulfur as deposited at the fumarole of a volcano
volcanic action
activity of a volcano, thundering and erupting of a volcano; activity which is volcano-like
volcanic arc
A usually arc-shaped chain of volcanoes located on the margin of the overriding plate at a convergent plate boundary
volcanic crater
a bowl-shaped opening at the top of a volcano
volcanic eruption
the sudden occurrence of a violent discharge of steam and volcanic material
volcanic glass
a kind of natural glass produced when molten lava cools very rapidly
volcanic glass
Natural glass produced by the cooling of molten lava too quickly to permit crystallization. Any glassy rock formed from lava or magma that has a chemical composition close to that of granite. Such molten material may reach very low temperatures without crystallizing, but its viscosity may become very high. Because high viscosity inhibits crystallization, the combination of sudden cooling and loss of volatiles, as when lava extrudes from a volcanic vent, tends to chill the material to a glass rather than crystallize it
volcanic neck
A column of igneous rock formed by congelation of lava in the conduit of a volcano and later exposed by the removal of surrounding rocks
volcanic rock
extrusive igneous rock solidified near or on the surface of the Earth
volcanic wind
A wind associated with a volcanic outburst and due to the eruption or to convection currents over hot lava
lassen volcanic national park
a national park in California having mountains and volcanic lakes and hot springs
in a volcanic manner; explosively
Like a volcano
by or like volcanoes; "volcanically created landscape

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    ... the two for created by volcanic eruptions ...
    ... And in places you would see rafts of black volcanic rock. ...

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