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(Osmanlı Dönemi) Eğme, eğip bükme. Eğriltme
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A diminutive of the female given name Victoria
A diminutive of the male given name Victor
Victoria, a state of Australia
a diminutive of Victoria
a diminutive of Victor
Veterinary Investigation centre
Value Incentive Clause
voice interface card
Victory 1: 43 hm England
VIdeo Conferencing tool
The state of Victoria
Crown Vic
A Ford Crown Victoria motor car

As soon as I appeared, the Crown Vic fired up its engine, and the driver of the van started talking into a walkie-talkie.

Old Vic
a theatre in South London, famous especially for its productions of plays by William Shakespeare. London theatre company. The company's theatre opened in 1818 as the Royal Coburg; renamed the Royal Victoria in 1833, it became popularly known as the Old Vic. The company, managed by Lilian Baylis, began a regular Shakespeare season in 1914. From the 1930s it was noted for its memorable productions of Shakespeare's plays and other classics, with actors such as John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, and Ralph Richardson. The company was dissolved in 1963 and formed the nucleus of the new National Theatre, which performed at the Old Vic theatre until moving to a new building in 1976

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    ... >>Vic Gundotra: And so to the more than 10,000 people at the viewing parties and the many, ...
    ... SUNDAR PICHAI: Thank you, Vic. ...

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