uzak tutmak

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Турецкий язык - Английский Язык
hold off
keep away
shut off from
keep out
keep something out of
to keep sb/sth out (of sth)
hold at bay
keep off

This net here is to keep off mosquitoes. - Buradaki ağ, sivrisinekleri uzak tutmak içindir.

keep somebody out
keep at bay
stand off
keep apart
keep something out
keep somebody out of
call off
keep at arms length
uzak tut
keep apart
uzak tut
kept away
uzak tut
keep away

Children should keep away from the danger. - Çocuklar tehlikeden uzak tutulmalıdır.

uzak tut
kept apart
kendinden uzak tutmak
(deyim) keep at bay
kordon oluşturarak uzak tutmak
cordon off
uzak tut
uzak tutmak