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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} anlayışsız

Ben anlayışsız değilim. - I'm not unsympathetic.

{s} soğuk
{s} halden anlamayan
{s} sevimsiz

Ben sevimsiz değilim. - I'm not unsympathetic.

be unsympathetic
sevimsiz olmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
not sympathetic
(of characters in literature or drama) tending to evoke antipathetic feelings; "all the characters were peculiarly unsympathetic
{s} not showing sympathy
An unsympathetic person is unpleasant and difficult to like. a very unsympathetic main character He's unsympathetic, but charismatic and complex
If someone is unsympathetic, they are not kind or helpful to a person in difficulties. Her husband was unsympathetic and she felt she had no one to turn to. an unsympathetic doctor. sympathetic
not sympathetic or disposed toward; "unsympathetic officialdom"; "people unsympathetic to the revolution"; "his dignity made him seem aloof and unsympathetic"
If you are unsympathetic to a particular idea or aim, you are not willing to support it. I'm highly unsympathetic to what you are trying to achieve
In an unsympathetic manner
in a manner that does not show sympathy
in an unsympathetic manner; "the judge listened to the accused unsympathetically