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(Bilgisayar) kısıtlamasız

Bu alana sınırsız erişime sahip olacaksın. - You will have unrestricted access to this area.

{s} sınırsız, kısıtsız
{s} serbest
{s} sınırlamasız
{s} kısıtlanmamış
unrestricted area
serbest alan
unrestricted area
(Askeri) serbest bölge
unrestricted areas
(Askeri) yasak olmayan bölgeler
unrestricted areas
(Askeri) serbest bölgeler
unrestricted areas
(Askeri) YASAK OLMAYAN BÖLGELER, SERBEST BÖLGELER: Dost kuvvetlerin işgalinde bulunup, özellikle yasak bölge ilan edilmeyen ve, ilgili mevzuata riayet etmeleri şartıyla, dost uçakların serbestçe hareket etmelerine müsait olan bölgeler
unrestricted use
sınırsız kullanım
Sınırlamasız bir şekilde, kısıtlanmamış olarak, serbest şekilde
scenario unrestricted mobility model of intratheater simulation
(Askeri) muharebe sahası simülasyon modelinin intiakl kabiliyeti sınırlandırımamış senaryosu
sınırsız bir biçimde
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
not restricted or confined
having no security classification
accessible to all
If you have an unrestricted view of something, you can see it fully and clearly, because there is nothing in the way. Nearly all seats have an unrestricted view. not limited by anyone or anything
free of restrictions on conduct; "I had unrestricted access"
A classification indicating terrain that is free of restrictions to movement
Funds having no requirements or restrictions as to use or disposition Grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements are considered to be restricted funds
If an activity is unrestricted, you are free to do it in the way that you want, without being limited by any rules. Freedom to pursue extra-curricular activities is totally unrestricted The Commissioner has absolutely unrestricted access to all the files
not subject to or subjected to restriction
refers to the sum of general funds plus departmental income
{s} unlimited, boundless, unrestrained
not restricted or modified in meaning; "unrestricted verbs are usually stronger than those qualified by adverbs"
never having had security classification
Without restriction; freely, completely
limitlessly, without restriction, unrestrainedly, freely