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{f} altını çizmek
{i} altını çizme
(Politika, Siyaset) önemle vurgulamak
vurgu yapmak
(Bilgisayar) altı çizili yap
mim koymak
altını çiz

Bu metinde tüm gelecek fiillerinin altını çiz. - Underline all the verbs in the future tense in this text.

Tom cümlede en önemli kelime olduğunu düşündüğü şeyin altını çizdi. - Tom underlined what he thought was the most important word in the sentence.

altını cız
{i} vurgulama
{i} afiş altındaki yazı
önemini belirtmek
{i} alt çizgi
altı çizili
underline color
(Bilgisayar) altçizgi rengi
underline color
(Bilgisayar) alt çizgi rengi
underline links
(Bilgisayar) bağlantıların altını çiz
underline links
(Bilgisayar) bağların altını çiz
underline off
(Bilgisayar) altı çizili olmasın
underline on
(Bilgisayar) altı çizili olsun
underline style
(Bilgisayar) altçizgi stili
altı çizili

Altı çizili sözcükleri düzeltin. - Correct the underlined words.

Altı çizili kısmı tercüme et. - Translate the underlined part.

bold underline
(Bilgisayar) kalın altı çizili
font underline
(Bilgisayar) altı çizili yazı tipi
thick underline
(Bilgisayar) kalın alt çizgi
thick underline
(Bilgisayar) altı ince çizili
(Tekstil) alt astar
dotted underline
noktalı altçizgi
double underline
çift alt izgi
dotted underline
(Bilgisayar) altı noktalı çizili
wavy underline
(Bilgisayar) dalgalı alt çizgi
word underline
Sözcük altçizgisi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A line placed underneath a piece of text in order to provide emphasis or to indicate that it should be viewed in italics or that it acts as a hyperlink
To draw a line underneath something, especially to add emphasis; to underscore
To emphasise or stress something
An _ character
{v} to draw a line under, score, mark
draw a line or lines underneath to call attention to
give extra weight to (a communication); "Her gesture emphasized her words"
If you underline something such as a word or a sentence, you draw a line underneath it in order to make people notice it or to give it extra importance. Take two coloured pens and underline the positive and negative words
To emphasize text by making is appear with a line under the text
Underlining places a thin line beneath selected text It is used primarily for emphasis, but not as often as bold or italic
To influence secretly
{f} mark with a line underneath, underscore; emphasize
A command button on the Formatting toolbar that makes the selected text underlined
<U></U> (not widely implemented yet)
A line set at or slightly below the baseline of one or more letters of text
A line drawn under the characters
A rule placed below text
a line drawn underneath (especially under written matter)
If one thing, for example an action or an event, underlines another, it draws attention to it and emphasizes its importance. The report underlined his concern that standards were at risk But the incident underlines how easily things can go wrong. = underscore
A Boolean value that indicates whether the text is underlined
{i} horizontal line underneath something written; caption under an illustration
To mark a line below, as words; to underscore
Present participle of underline
A lining on the inside of a garment
An act or instance of marking text with an underline
(Tekstil) a layer of fabric that is sewn as one with the fashion fabric, wrong sides together. Underlining serves as a buffer between the fashion fabric and inner details like interfacing, zippers and more that are stitched to the underlining rather than the fashion fabric
past of underline
plural of underline
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