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Not attached, not connected with or belonging to a particular group or organization
Not married or involved in a romantic relationship
not fastened together
not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
(of animals) able to swim about; not attached
Not taken or arrested
An athlete-member of USA Swimming who competes but does not or cannot (according to the USS rules ) represent a club or team
Not attached; not adhering; having no engagement; free
the status a swimmer receives when he/she changes from one USA Swimming club to another Swimmers must be "unattached" for 120 days from their last competition for one club until they can compete for their new club During this time they may swim for a club in individual events, but may not score or swim on relays
Someone who is unattached is not married or does not have a girlfriend or boyfriend. I knew only two or three unattached men. = single
{s} not attached, not connected, unassociated, independent
Not assigned to any company or regiment
not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship not fastened together
an athlete member who competes but does not represent a club member of USS
{f} release from attachment, release from seizure or garnishment