tune up

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(Muzik) çalgıları uyumlamak
düzen vermek
{i} ses açma
{f} ayarla
ayar etmek
(Otomotiv) motor, sensör ve ciplerine yapılan komple bakım
akort etmek
şarkı söylemeğe başlamak

Sanırım onun bir ayara ihtiyacı var. - I think it needs a tune-up.

(Mekanik) ayarlamak
motor ayarı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To make adjustments to an engine in order to improve its performance
To make preparations for vigorous exercise; to warm up
adjust for (better) functioning; "tune the engine"
of musical instruments; "My piano needs to be tuned"
adjustment of the motor (of a car, etc.) in order to make sure that the engine is running properly
When a group of musicians tune up, they adjust their instruments so that they produce the right notes. I could hear the sound of a band tuning up. see also tune 4
A series of adjustments to an engine in order to improve its performance
A series of preparations for vigorous exercise; a warm-up
The process of replacing fuel filters, air filters, and spark plugs to ensure that air, fuel, and spark are available in good condition to obtain maximum engine efficiency
The notes sung (usually creating a chord) which allow the singers to reach their first note of the song
adjustments made to an engine to improve its performance
An obsolete term used to describe the periodic maintenance that's performed when "tuning" an engine to its original specs With today's electronic ignition systems that require no periodic adjustments, sealed carburetors and non-adjustable fuel injection, there's not much left to adjust Today's tune-up, therefore, consists primarily of replacing the spark plugs, checking timing and idle speed It may also include replacing the air and fuel filters and inspecting the emissions control system but as far as "tuning" is concerned, there's little left to tune
exercising in preparation for strenuous activity
An adjustment made to an engine in order to improve its performance
tune up