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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(İnşaat) çatı makası
üçgenlerden oluşan takviye iskeleti
ot demeti
{f} paketle
kasık bağı
(up ile) sımsıkı bağlamak
{i} (köprü/çatı için) makas (kiriş sistemi)
büyük serenin orta yerini direğe bağlayan demir çember
tavuğu pişirmeden önce kanadını kırıp bağl
kuru ot veya saman demeti
{f} demet yapmak
{f} asmak
{i} demet
{i} (Tıp) kasık/fıtık bağı
{f} ipe çekmek
{f} bağlamak
{f} destek koymak
{i} köprü makası
{i} fıtık bağı
(Tıp) Reddedilmiş bir fıtığı yerinde tutan bağ
{i} takviye iskeleti
{i} kuru ot/saman demeti
{f} 1. sıkıca bağlamak. 2
(Nükleer Bilimler) kafes kiriş
{i} bağ
saman demeti
sımsıkı bağlamak
truss bridge
üçgen kirişli köprü
truss up
truss up
iple bağlamak
truss bridge
makaslı köprü
truss bridge
truss bridge
kafes köprü
truss bridge
çatkılı köprü
truss bar post
gergi çubuğu mesnedi
truss bearing
istinat rulmanı
truss bearing
muylu yatağı
truss bridge
(üçgen) kirişli köprü
truss diagonal
kafes kiriş çaprazı
truss diagram
kafes kiriş diyagramı
truss member
kafes kiriş elemanı
truss member
kafes kiriş öğesi
truss post
kafes kiriş dikmesi
truss rod
(Muzik) sap çubuğu
truss rod cover
(Muzik) sap çubuk kapağı
truss rod safety strap
emniyet çemberi
truss spacing
makas arası
truss span
makas açıklığı
truss up
elini ayağını bağlamak
truss web
kafes kiriş gövdesi
roof truss
(İnşaat) çatı makası
lattice truss
kafes kiriş
main truss
ana kiriş
{f} paketle
king post truss
çatı makası
king truss
dikmeli beşik makas
bridge truss
(İnşaat) köprü makası
cantilever truss bridge
(Askeri) KONSOL KAFES KİRİŞLİ KÖPRÜ: Bak. "cantilever
continuous truss
sürekli makas
crescent truss
hanging post truss
asma babalı makas
hernial truss
fıtık korsesi
howe truss
hov kirişi
intermediate truss
orta makas
jack truss
yarım makas
lattice truss
kafes gövdeli çatı makası
lattice truss
(İnşaat) kafes kirişi
lattice truss
örgülü kiriş
member of truss
kafes elemanı
partition frame truss
(İnşaat) dam kemer kirişi
riveted truss
perçinli kafes kiriş
riveted truss
perçinli çelik makas
stiffening truss
rijitlik makası
stiffening truss
berkitme makası
timber truss
(Marangozluk) ahşap çatı makası
makas düzeni
germe düzeni
tube truss
boru makas
welded truss
kaynaklı kafes kiriş
welded truss
kaynaklı çelik makas
welded truss
kaynaklı örgülü kiriş
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To tie up a bird before cooking it
To secure or bind with ropes
A framework of beams forming a rigid structure
An old English farming measurement. One truss of straw equalled 36 pounds, a truss of old hay equalled 56 pounds, a truss of new hay equalled 60 pounds, and 36 trusses equalled one load
A bandage and belt used to hold a hernia in place
To support
A triangular bracket
{n} a bandage for ruptures, a bundle of hay, a machine to pull a yard close to the mast
{v} to pack close, gird, skewer, snatch up
a framework of beams forming a rigid structure (as a roof truss)
To execute by hanging; to hang; usually with up
support structurally; "truss the roofs"; "trussed bridges"
To truss someone means to tie them up very tightly so that they cannot move. She trussed him quickly with stolen bandage, and gagged his mouth. = bind Truss up means the same as truss. She was trussed up with yellow nylon rope
A metal frame used to hang lanterns from Comes in three main designs - flat, box, and tri - which describe the shape created by the frame By virtue of their construction trusses are very strong and able to carry extremely heavy loads Most truss is now made of aluminium for weight reasons and sections can be bolted together to produce long pieces Used extensively in concert production to form the 'roof' over the stage from which to hang everything from lanterns to speakers Even followspots can mounted together with their operators who access their seats via circus style rope or wire ladders
a jointed structure made up of individual members arranged and connected usually in a triangular pattern, so as to support longer spans
Structural Member or Complete Structure formed by Triangulated Framework
To skewer; to make fast, as the wings of a fowl to the body in cooking it
(medicine) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure
To take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce upon
Architectural trusses when left visible, as in open timber roofs, often contain members not needed for construction, or are built with greater massiveness than is requisite, or are composed in unscientific ways in accordance with the exigencies of style
A triangular bracket in architecture
secure with or as if with ropes; "tie down the prisoners"; "tie up the old newspapes and bring them to the recycling shed"
A tuft of flowers formed at the top of the main stalk, or stem, of certain plants
A skeleton-like structure composed of short straight pieces (struts), some in compression and some in tension, joined to form a series of triangles
A engineered structure of short framing members, such as beams, chords, and diagonals, assembled into a rigid support structure Frequently used for roofs, now becoming common for floor framing, as well Back to alphabetical list
A structure made up of three or more members, with each member designed to carry a tension or compression force The entire structure in turn acts as a beam
Any frame or structure with diagonal members that can withstand compression forces Examples include any girder, roof or floor truss system
A bundle; a package; as, a truss of grass
A number of wood planks framed together to bridge a space, such as a roof truss
tie the wings and legs of a bird before cooking it
A truss is a special belt with a pad that a man wears when he has a hernia in order to prevent it from getting worse. In building construction, a structural frame usually fabricated from pieces of metal or timber to form a series of triangles lying in a single plane. The linear members are subject only to compression or tension. The horizontal pieces forming the top and bottom of the truss are called the chords, and the sloping and vertical pieces connecting the chords are collectively called the web. Unlike a vault, the truss exerts no thrust but only downward pressure; supporting walls require no buttressing or extra thickening. Trusses have been used extensively in roofing and bridges. Wood trusses were probably first used in primitive dwellings 2500 BC. Wood was replaced by iron, which in turn was succeeded by steel
a ) A framework, resting on a bearing at each end, used for supporting a roof or some other load b ) Engineered or solid floor joist system
An assembly of wood or metal members serving as a lightweight but strong framework, taking the place of rafters in support of a roof or joists in floors
A frame or jointed structure designed to act as a beam of long span, while each member is usually subjected to longitudinal stress only, either tension or compression
An assemblage of members of wood or metal, supported at two points, and arranged to transmit pressure vertically to those points, with the least possible strain across the length of any member
a framework of beams forming a rigid structure (as a roof truss) (medicine) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure support structurally; "truss the roofs"; "trussed bridges"
To secure legs firmly against the body of any poultry, folding wings under akimbo and tying with cooking twine to hold all parts firmly in place Trussing keeps all parts in place and allows the poultry to roast evenly with less shrinkage
{f} support with a truss; secure, bind
A triangular arrangement of structural members that reduces nonaxial forces on the truss to a set of axial forces in the member See also "Space frame, Space truss "
Manufactured roof-support member internally supported through cross braces called webs W-type and Howe trusses are the most common ones used in garage construction
(architecture) a triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent)
A structural unit consisting of such members as beams, bars, and ties; usually arranged to form triangles Provides rigid support over wide spans with a minimum amount of material
A triangle shaped structure used in place of individual rafters for roof framing The bottom horizontal member replaces the joists, while the upper members slope together at the top to replace the rafters
To tie whole poultry with string or skewers so it will hold its shape during cooking
{i} supporting structural framework made up of straight members; bundle; cluster of fruit or flowers
A roof structural support system made up from "2 by" wood components that are attached using press-on metal plates (as opposed to rafters that are nailed together) (See rafter)
A padded jacket or dress worn under armor, to protect the body from the effects of friction; also, a part of a woman's dress; a stomacher
The rope or iron used to keep the center of a yard to the mast
A prefabricated framework of girders, struts and other items used to support a roof or other load-bearing elements
A bandage or apparatus used in cases of hernia, to keep up the reduced parts and hinder further protrusion, and for other purposes
To bind poultry for roasting with string or skewers Top of glossary U
A timber frame used to support the roof over the great hall
To bind or pack close; to make into a truss
To secure wings or legs close to poultry with skewers or string
A pre-built component that functions as a structural support member A truss employs one or more triangles in its construction
Assemblage of timbers forming a rigid framework Example: A bent
To strengthen or stiffen, as a beam or girder, by means of a brace or braces
A structural framework, made of either timber or metal, that is composed of individual members fastened together in a triangular arrangement
truss bridge
a bridge supported by trusses
truss rod
This is a rod that is inserted up the centre of the neck during manufacture The rod can be turned (at the body end of the guitar) in an effort to straighten out the neck in the event that it is warped This should not be attempted unless you are sure of what you are doing, because adjusting it incorrectly can make the neck worse ! Bear in mind that I wouldn't try it !
truss rod
This is the name given to a threaded piece of metal that runs through the neck of MOST guitars and electric basses The rod is designed to help balance the tension between the guitar strings and the neck of the instrument By adjusting the truss rod, you can raise or lower the action on your guitar You can see it in the picture I drew for showing fretboard grime
truss rod
A rod inside an instrument neck that, when properly adjusted, counteracts the tendency for string tension to bow the neck
truss rod
A curved metal bar implanted into the neck of a guitar used to adjust the amount and direction of bend in the neck
truss rod
A tensioning rod, used for bracing in gates and at terminal posts May be threaded at one or both ends or contain a tightener or turnbuckle for adjusting tension
truss up
see truss 1
Fink truss
A wood or steel truss used to support a roof with a span of up to 50 feet
queen truss
A building truss using queen posts
queen truss
A truss framed with queen-posts; a queen-post truss
past of truss
bound or secured closely; "the guard was found trussed up with his arms and legs securely tied"; "a trussed chicken
{i} person who binds hay; person who binds casks; plant that produces clusters of blossoms; one who trusses poultry; one who trusses
A truss system includes the top chord or rafter (where roof sheathing is nailed), a joist or bottom chord (where the interior ceiling is nailed) and angled pieces that form a web and are used to add strength
Logs used to support the roof of a structure
Engineered wood structural members used to construct floors and roofs
large pieces of steel which support the weight of everything above them
Trusses are usually of a factory made Pine construction but galvanised steel is used with steel wall framing Trusses are used to span the roof between external wall framing when internal wall frames are then not required to take any roof load The Builder will normally choose whether to use a trussed roof or conventional construction
A roof framing system with rafters supported by crossed webs An attic with trusses is not suitable for conversion to living space
third-person singular of truss
plural of truss
Pre-assembled, bow-shaped or triangular frames used in roof construction
till it has something of the character of a truss
present participle of truss
The art of stiffening or bracing a set of timbers, or the like, by putting in struts, ties, etc
which form a truss, taken collectively
The timbers, etc
The act of a hawk, or other bird of prey, in seizing its quarry, and soaring with it into air